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    One of the primary things your junior firefighters and explorers should train in is safety on the fireground. While most firefighter training programs for juniors or explorers cover safety as required in the NFPA 1001 standard, the content in every area it is not enough. As an instructor I feel safety training is extremely inadequate.

    I have developed a training class that has several trays of slides and uses stats on injuries and fatalities. It can be tailored to any audience but I feel is good for new firefighters (especially young ones).... It is roughly 8-12 hours depending on how deep you want to go. It covers everything from statistics to fireground safety and includes transparencies (which I intend to bring up to date), slides and the use of video tapes as well as PPE to try and drive home safety to these young impressionable people. Additionally, I try to use real life incidents and examples (not pointing blameand certainly not hours and hours of war stories) and examining why? and how? they happened. I even have a "quiz" to give at the end if desired.

    Then, as they have safety preached to them in the remainder of their training, they will know why! May take me awhile to gather new stats and revise transparencies, but....anyone interested in a presentation let me know! Not extravagant like Chief Brunicinni, but non the less effective.

    I work cheap! Not out to make money, just make an impression on the nations future firefighters. Every thing is negotiable.

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    Every training my departmnet does, our dept. chief teaches us safety too. He, the Chief and everyone else make it very clear to us how important safety is.

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