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    Lightbulb Grades..........

    I was just wondering if your department has a minimum GPA for Cadets, Juniors, Explorers, whatever they call you?. @ My department we have to have @ least a 2.0 to stay actice and if we dont we get suspended till our next card comes out, however this time 9 of 11 Cadets are failing classes @ my department so they are using "alternative regulations", which I am niot sure what they mean but will find out soon. I am not personally failing a class, I have a D in my Alg II class, so I am ok regardless....Well thanx for your responses....

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    ok, I'm an advisor at my post, and It's been a rule for our Junior Squad, now Explorer Post> that 2 F's buy you about 6 weeks off, till your next card comes out..Not sure the GPA. I hope this helps you

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    well here's my 2 cents worth.
    when I was a explorer for my last department, I had to keep at least a 2.5 GPA or otherwise I couldn't go play!! I think that's a good idea, keeps the young firefighters on their toes for education..

    This opinion is of myself and does not reflect any of the department or the city I am employed by.

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    In my post, it is written in our by-laws that once a year, a letter is sent to each explorer's parents asking about the explorer's grades. This letter gives the parents the option of notifying the advisor to let him know if the parents would like the explorer suspended until they can bring their grades up.

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    In my department, It's srictly parents discretion about puu;ing a junior from active duty. If the parents decide to pull their kid off, however, they won't count the missed meetings against you in your yearly records.

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    At the ems squad I currently just joined we have to have at least a B average or they give you the boot....I think they give you a certain amount of time to get your grades up..But They let it slide if its a C+..I think thats ok though because your gonna kick off or suspend a cadet who Is REALLY trying hard in school but just cant seem to get that B and falls a few points short of a B? I say if the Cadet/Explorer Falls short of the Minimum Grade and tells you that they are trying the best they can in school I say get a letter signed from the teachers asking on how the student is doing and if the are giving it their all then I say let them stay active..Just my opinion.....

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    Best for you Jr.'s to keep grades up and worry about your education for your future...The firehouse will always be there If you don't maintain at least a B/C Average you need to turn off the pager/scanner or whatever - tell the chief or the advisor that you will be out of service for a bit until you get your studies up - and work hard - Soon you will be out of school and entering the work force- Maintaining a house-raising your own kids- and worrying about day-to-day things....Wishing you were back in school again with out a care in the world except the fire house--Believe me I have been there-- I'm still active with my company although not as active as i was before i got married and had a son and bought a house---Keep the Grades up and get edu-ma-cated remember the fire house will always be there !!!

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