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    Justin Gershon Guest

    Talking The Federal Q2b

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    ILFireman Guest

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    I will second that motion on that!! Man, that siren gives me the chills, but I love it!.. Nothin better then the sound of the "Q" going through a intersection with air horns.

    This opinion is of myself and does not reflect any of the department or the city I am employed by.

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    NRFR/explorer Guest


    a simple manual button and airhorn is ideal for volunteers (everybody happy?)

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    SCAFDEXP Guest


    I totally agree with NRFR.

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    Quint1Medic Guest


    Okay, guys-I don't think Justin was saying he'd mounted a Q in his Hyundai...just that he liked the noise. Am I missing something that NRFR needed to make that comment about volunteers? Don't be getting in the habit of bashing people. You're too young to sound so snotty

    Also, thought I love the sound of the "Q", those rural volunteer fire station sirens are pretty freakin' awesome, too!

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    fjbfour Guest


    Well, I once talked to a guy who owned a 1988 Dodge Diplomat ex-police car that he re-fitted for fires. MX7000 light bar, rear deck lights, wig wags, grille lights, strobe inserts all the way around, and he did not forget to mention two (yeah, *2*) electronic sirens that supplemented his Q2B, all under the hood. Talk about alternator drain! Said he had dual batteries. I did not personally see the car, but have no reason to doubt him. Overzealous, maybe, but his first response district was over 120 miles wide, so he liked to really move along. He was upset because a tractor-trailer wiped out and burned the car as it sat on the shoulder at an interstate MVA.

    Frank Billington, #11
    Town of Superior Fire Online

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    westmead2 Guest


    Our departments all run Federal "Q's" on our apparatus, you can hear those things go Code 3 from my house 5 miles away on a good day, we also have two of the house sirens that you like Quint, one on each end of our district. NRFR, if your talking about Q's on apparatus, around here, we have sometimes 15 or 20 mile runs to a call through rural land, blind curves, and forested area, I would think inner city would need only the manual and horn. Around here Volunteers outnumber Paid FF's by 10 to 1 atleast. You'd be screwed without us.

    Dave "Junior" Marshall
    West Mead 2 VFD
    Meadville PA

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    11BrynAthyn355 Guest


    We have a REAL Federal Q (not the electric kind, but the one that takes 20 minutes to shut up once you turn it off!) on our oldest truck, our '78 Hahn Pumper, all of our other trucks are electric sirens. We are selling our '78 Hahn and are going to keep the Q!

    -Rick R.
    -Bryn Athyn Fire Company and Ambulance
    -Station 11 and Squad 355 in Montgomery County, Pa

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    squad 1335 Guest

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    we have federal q2b on both of are pumpers
    nothing gets me pumped up beeter then hearing that q siren wall when going full speed to a fire!!

    jacob starcher

    xfd post#29

    we go to hell so you dont have to!!!

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    NRFR/explorer Guest


    I capitalized VOLUNTEERS because we're on a Explorer/Jr. forum and I wanted it known that those two sirens (in my opinion) were good for volunteers and not explorers/Jrs. Nothing against volunteers, they kick major butt! SOrry bout that guys. And I also thought we were talking about sirens in POV's. Yeah, in apperatus, go nuts and have a Q2b, sounds good, I know, but for volunteers, a manual button and air-horn is good in my opinion for their POV's!
    p.s. Quint-chill out

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    Firefighter2197 Guest


    Guys as a probie that was a cadat
    trust me you love that sound ever more when you are allowed to do anything
    and you are in the front seat hitting the button
    have fun and keep it safe

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