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    Question Explorer vs. Junior

    I was curious about the differences in how an explorer program works versus a junior program?

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    What excatly is "explorer" then perhaps i could shed some light on your question.
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    From what I have come to understand from what other people have told me, The only difference is that the Explorer program is overseen by the BSA(Boy Scouts of America) and that a Junior FF program is not affiliated with anything other than the Fire Dept. that runs it. Keep in mind, this is only what I have been told. Please do not leave horrible, evil comments if that is not the exact definition.

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    SCAFDEXP has the right idea. Explorers are governed by the rules and regs of BSA and Juniors are governed by individual departments.

    From what I have heard, "juniors" seem to be qualified to take part in more operations on the fireground and with the department in general.

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    SCAFDEX is correct...but it also has to do with the INSURANCE. BSA (EXPLORERS) covers the insurance and with Juniors in most cases need to be picked up by indiviuals or the departments them selves. As far as resstriction it is up to the FIRE DEPT sponser to what u can and can not do. Our post explorers can do everything our FF do except do interior attacks, Drive/operate trucks and run Lights/Siren...They train, fight defensive fires, car fires extrications ect...

    If you want our rules and regs e-mail

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