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Thread: Alarm Sounds

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    If you want to hear some german sirenes and buzzersounds , look at : www.feuerwehrsound.de

    click on fw-sound ...

    much fun with this


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    In the town of East Haddam Connecticut we have 3 sirens that sound when we get a call.
    They are mounted on telephone poles and are provided by Northeast Utilities. The Siren has 16 speakers and they have 1000 watts of power going through each one of them. My town is the second largest town landwise in Connecticut and I can hear the siren in any part of the 56 square miles of land. All of our mutual aid towns have the same sirens because when Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Plant was built in 1964 they were required to have a type of audible warning device to warn people incase of a disaster with the plant, so they put up sirens in all of the surrounding towns.
    Connecticut Yankee was the oldest running Nuclear Powerplant in the United states and has the record for the most continuous days of un-interupted power production. Now that Connecticut Yankee is be dicommisioned Northeast Utilities is taking down all of the sirens except for the ones at each firehouse. I believe that there were over 30 in my town at one point. So the EHFD bought 3 extra complete siren units to keep as replacement parts incase something breaks. We bought the whole siren units for 1 dollar a piece.. What a deal!
    In the case of a call the State Police barracks in the neighboring town sends out the tones and then presses a button to set off the sirens. So if someone isnt carrying there pager or forgot to carry it, then they will hear the siren going off and they will respond to the Firehouse, or call dispatch to see what is going on.. They also go off once a day at 12noon..

    Shawn Daigle
    East Haddam F.D.
    East Haddam Connecticut

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