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    engine1321 Guest

    Red face Alarm Sounds

    What does your dept.'s alarm sound like? Do you have a buzzer/bell or something else?

    Captain R.J. Stine
    XFD Post 29
    "The Fighting 29"

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    Tffstr16T Guest


    it makes nose it is made with the fine things man has made, oh and it is a siren, however you spell it.

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    jwd37 Guest


    At the company I run with we have a siren at one station and a buzzer that sounds when our tones are hit.

    Dauphin County Company 37

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    SCAFDEXP Guest


    In our dept, our tones are sounded at the firehouse.
    Nick Funk
    Swartz Creek Area Fire Dept.
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    westmead2 Guest


    Our department has a house siren on each end of our district and at our station that sounds when our tones are tripped, unless they trip only our pagers.

    Dave "Junior" Marshall
    West Mead 2 VFD
    Meadville PA

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    engine1321 Guest


    Cool. We just let our tones go off. No bells, sirens, or buzzers. Bells and buzzers are used in the bay for the telephones.

    Captain R.J. Stine
    XFD Post 29
    "The Fighting 29"

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    11BrynAthyn355 Guest

    Red face

    We have a large siren on our roof which goes off 15 seconds after our tones drop (it needs to charge) and runs about a 1 minute cycle (used to be 4 minutes until the community complained). Also, in our lounge, we have a plectron hooked up which listens to all the tones and when ours are dropped, it comes on really loud. Plus we have our Minitor 2's and our Motorola Adivsor Gold Alpha-numeric pagers.

    -Rick R.
    -Bryn Athyn Fire Company and Ambulance
    -Station 11 and Squad 355 in Montgomery County, Pa

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    wannabe-EMT Guest


    We have two functions. Fire side has a gong, medic has a buzzer/klaxon. In addition, most members have Minitors.

    Peace, and stay safe.

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    Justin Gershon Guest


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    Engine58 Guest


    OUr ems station has a bell that goes off and the call comes in over the pa system in the building. Its pretty cool but sometimes gets annoying when the test goes in cause it puts both our tones in General alarm and duty crew alarm. OUr fire station only has a siren but that goes off only if the dispatcher makes them go off or a box alarm is pulled. If they just put an alarm in our minitor 2's or 3's do the job just fine. Or there is the GOod ol Police scanner.

    South Amboy, New Jersey
    Junior EMS Responder

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    HFDPOST321 Guest


    at our station, whichwas built in 1881 by the way, the gamewell system is still in place. for those of you not familiar with it, there is a paper tape and lots of the old silver bells all around the station. the gamewell system is usually used with the fire alram pull boxes. anyway, at the alarm board there are all the numbers and location of all the pull boxes. when headquarters punches in the boxnumber and they disptach the call, the bells will ring 3 times in the number of the box number (example, box 351 would sounds the bells 3 rings, then 5 rings, then 1 ring, and repeat 3 times) the tape as mentioned before will punch holes also with the box number. so before there was audible dispatching the driver would look at the number of punches in the tape andlook at th location on the alarm board. but to get to the point our station is alerted with the bells and when our tones are sounded the speakers open (get louder) and a buzzer sounds and the bells sound for a pull box alarm and the lights flash.

    Deputy Chief James Ulrich
    Hagerstown Fire Department Explorer Post 321

    The opinions expressed here are my own and may not be those of my department.

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    Yellowengine Guest


    First set of tones:

    Second set of tones:

    Just had ta be a smart *** guys... ha ha ha
    Take care and see ya later.

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    titorobfiregod Guest


    we get for sets of tones. set one hits our home plectrons and minotaurs (i dont know many people that still have plectrons-just my dad ) as far as i know sets 2 and 3 are just to sound cool. 4 hits our siren. then the 911 dispatcher types up and sends the call to our alpha pagers(the system is new in our county-we're workin on it)

    Find 'em hot, leave 'em wet!

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    Haligan125 Guest


    Ok at EMS where I work it's just the tones over the radio. When I was living in the fire station, when I was at school, we had a gamewell system too, as well as pagers.

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    NFPDcadet Guest


    When the dispatchers set off our tones,
    The loudspeakers all key up and you hear a

    beeeeeeee booooooo

    then the dispatcher comes over the
    loud speaker and says "Emergency Response"
    and then they give the type of emergency and
    the address... The tones are also set off
    on the duty guys minitors and we are out the
    door.... We dont have any bells or gongs or
    sirens.... Just our good ole loudspeakers
    which i like better than anything because it
    is louder and easier to wake up to compared
    to a bell, siren, gong, or anything like
    that when your in a deep sleep.... and
    speaking of our tones, They just went off so
    I better head out.... LATER GUYS...stay
    safe and have fun!!!

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    nfd20 Guest


    When a call goes out there is a loud beep that goes over the radio, and at each indivdual station that is being toned out, a bell is sounded (brass hits) then the call is read over a loud speaker and over the air by the dispatcher...

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    Fireboy33 Guest


    In our city at all 5 stations we have Zetron paging systems we still use the old Plectron system sometimes but no bells or wishles just a short tone for the whole station. Liked the plectron better every unit for every station had seperate LOUD tone. you could tell who was who before dispatch advised now the zetron is just the same tone can't tell who is being banged out...

    Pembroke Pines, FL

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    HFDExplorChief Guest


    We have the gamewell system in place at all 6 of our stations. If it is a call for the Engine for Example the bell will ring once and simotaniously the lights go on then the tone drops, but if they "Fill out the assignment" (Send more than one company ex. alarms in the building) the bell will ding 2 times then the tone will drop. hope this answers your question!

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    basher1 Guest


    we use to have a tone out untill this mounth when we got a station paging system. The dispatcher still comes on and gives you info but it takes alot less time that was the reason for the switch.

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    On my department we usually just have the tones,though 15-20 years ago there used to be a siren on the roof that went off ot all hours. The neighboring district where I go to shcool has a "noon whistle" that I rely on to tell me when to pack up and move out for lunch.


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    Elchbulle Guest


    If you want to hear some german sirenes and buzzersounds , look at :

    click on fw-sound ...

    much fun with this


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    East Haddam#1firefighter Guest


    In the town of East Haddam Connecticut we have 3 sirens that sound when we get a call.
    They are mounted on telephone poles and are provided by Northeast Utilities. The Siren has 16 speakers and they have 1000 watts of power going through each one of them. My town is the second largest town landwise in Connecticut and I can hear the siren in any part of the 56 square miles of land. All of our mutual aid towns have the same sirens because when Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Plant was built in 1964 they were required to have a type of audible warning device to warn people incase of a disaster with the plant, so they put up sirens in all of the surrounding towns.
    Connecticut Yankee was the oldest running Nuclear Powerplant in the United states and has the record for the most continuous days of un-interupted power production. Now that Connecticut Yankee is be dicommisioned Northeast Utilities is taking down all of the sirens except for the ones at each firehouse. I believe that there were over 30 in my town at one point. So the EHFD bought 3 extra complete siren units to keep as replacement parts incase something breaks. We bought the whole siren units for 1 dollar a piece.. What a deal!
    In the case of a call the State Police barracks in the neighboring town sends out the tones and then presses a button to set off the sirens. So if someone isnt carrying there pager or forgot to carry it, then they will hear the siren going off and they will respond to the Firehouse, or call dispatch to see what is going on.. They also go off once a day at 12noon..

    Shawn Daigle
    East Haddam F.D.
    East Haddam Connecticut

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