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    Post What is BSA Exploring now?


    My name is APG1, and I'm an Explorer, and a very active member of the Boy Scouts of America. As such, I know lots of things about the BSA, and will attempt to clear up what exactly the BSA and the LFL (Learning for Life) program have done.

    The BSA no longer wished to associate itself Exploring as a program. The Learning for Life program was broken away from the BSA, to give it more freedom. Insurance is still covered for explorers, in exchange for some of the light regulations that Explorers must follow (IE, Police Explorers can't carrying guns (damn it), fire Explorers can't do interior attacks, etc).

    The Fire Exploring Program allows departments to be extremely flexible, while still permitting insurance coverage. I'd stick with it if I were you. Besides, save for intertior attacks, what else does LFL Exploring not permit?

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    jerald miller
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    Jerald Miller
    Lore City VOlunteer Fire Department
    Explorer Post 557

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    jerald miller
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    You pretty much see what happened to exploring , but the spilt had more to with
    politics of city government ,sponsering
    organizations and being named in some of the law suits so they spit into the learning for life division. i personaly feel that they left the exploring program out to dry in a lot of areas.but i am glad in my area i havvent But anyway being a Exploring advisor and a asistant scoutmaster in a troop i guess i can say that i get moore support with my post than the troop. check out the
    exploring website at: www.learning-for-life.org/exploring/fire

    Jerald Miller
    Lore City Volunteer Fire Department
    Explorer Post 557

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    It is sad to see hopw much politics has influencded things over the years, Now a days everything is influncded by city governmnet one way or another in my opinion there is to much politics in the fire department what do these pen pushers no about fighting fires.

    Produdly serving the gem city of the foothills for over 91 years the Monrovia Fire Department.

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    The Exploring group does not let us climb a ladder higher than 35', we are not allowed to climb ariels, we can not partake in the actual firefighting, we must do clean up, overhaul, salvage. The ****ty jobs. They are more leniant with training though. We are also not allowed to run "Jaws", or any other hydralic tools. They are very stricked.

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