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    Question beginner with lots of questions

    my name is scottie i live in de and will be joining brandywine fire dept next month. i will be 15 on the 6th. 15 is the age for juniors by the way. i was wondering what my duties will be, what promotions will i get, when i get older what will be expected to do. its there a webpage or book specifically for juniors? is there anything i need to purchase? pager? uniform? anything? anything i shouldd know? also they said i will be taking classses on wednesday nights, what is involved in these classes? is anyone on here in delaware? does anyone have aol or aim that would care to talk? thanks alot

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    Your basic duties will most likely be to do whatever small stuff needs done. There's lots of gophering and filling out reports. Ah yes, and rolling hose. I think I've literally rolled the equivalent of tousands of feet of hose. Anyway, most likely you'll love it. As far as promotions, if Brandywine is like most other departments, you really won't get one until you hit 18 and become a senior. Pagers, uniforms, etc., will probably be given to you. The classes are probably a basic instruction class, Firefighter I or something like that. Have fun.

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    The best way to find out what you need to do or what you will be doing is to give the Cheif a call and ask him all these questions. I'm sure every department is different on some things so asking here may get you quite a few answers. Just give your chief a call.

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