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    The Pearl (MS) Fire Department is starting a new fire cadet program. Here's a chance for you "old-hand" explorers, cadets, and Jr. Fire Fighters to tell us what you think a program should include. Our chief is willing to break some old traditions to make this program work in the community. So tell us the good and the bad... we want to hear from you!


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    first of all....dont push your cadets around and drive them mad with dumb rules that have nothing to do with learning.we do notyhing in my cadet program but i get to ride the peice(whatever it may be)non emergency or just to go to the local ac&t.just try to make whatever you do fun.no classes like maybe outside classes but try to make it as much hands on as possible without boring the kids.if they are really into what they are doing nothing will make them bored.any more questions about my post my e-mail address is engine7squeak@aol.com

    kyle minnick
    cadet smithsburg fire department

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    Well, first you need to think about what kids are going to like and have fun with, but also how they can stay safe. In my post, explorers have training weekly. We discuss matters that pertain to our department, but we also train on matters that face the fire service as a whole. Explorers are also expressly invited to also attend the monthly training sessions for the Senior Firefighters. Explorers are tested over their knowledge of the training and are given a pass/fail. Explorers who have been active in the post for 6 months and have completed all the required training, are issued pagers and are allowed to respond to calls. Explorers are allowed to ride as long as the driver feels comfortable having them on the truck and as long as they are not taking up a seat that could have been filled by a senior firefighter. Explorers are allowed to do anything on the fireground except fight an offensive attach from inside a burning building, operate the pump by themselves, and drive department vehicles. Explorers may fight a defensive attack from the outside or anything else the officer in charge assigns them to do as long as it does not interfere with the don'ts. Explorers MAY NOT use any lights or sirens on their vehicles. Any other questions, please feel free to e-mail me at fireguynick@aol.com .

    Nick Funk
    Swartz Creek Area Fire Dept.
    Post 41

    "I FIGHT what you FEAR."

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