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    Talking Standard issued gear or Junior gear?

    I was a Junior Fire Fighter in East Haddam Connecticut for a year and Juniors are issued older gear that is not rated for structural firefighting. They are issued a yellow coat, helmet, gloves and hip boots. I am 19 and now and a senior member that is issued standard gear and I was just wondering what kind of gear your department issues to Juniors?

    Shawn Daigle
    East Haddam F.D.
    East Haddam Connecticut

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    i belong to a company in hamilton township new jersy i got the gear from the mid 90S

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    My department give the cadets yellow "brush gear" with boots and an older yellow helmet. This is not very warm in the winter but, with a jacket underneath, I feel it does the job.

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    Our cadets are issued the same gear the "regulars" get. The cadets don't go into fires, but they train alongside us "old farts" and need the same level of protection. Our department is lucky enough to have the budget to do this.

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