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    Justin Gershon
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    Lightbulb Light bar VS dash light

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    I use red Whelen Dashmiser Plus Strobe on dash and wig-wags. I think it is a good combination for POV if you don't want to go with the minibar or the full size bar.

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    Jr_ AssistChief
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    It all depends on the type of car you drive to calls. If you own a Lia or something like that you just need a little dash light. For a pickup have either a dash light and wig-wags(or grille lights), or a mini-bar and wags or grilles. For an SUV, or full-size pick-up it's good to have a decent bar, and some sort of grille light or wigwags. Of course if you own anything bigger than that like those new Ford Excursions, it's either gotta be decked out with lights, or even better, get a smaller pov. Those are just my thoughts though.

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    I think it depends on the area you live in and also the type of POV you drive. I believe in a mainly rural area, you only need a dashlight or maybe a mini-bar. In a more populated area and in the city, a mini-bar or maybe a full size lightbar is in order for maximum warning power. Also the type of vehicle you drive affects this decision. Let's face it, a Yugo just wouldn't look good with a full size bar. A full-size pickup or SUV however looks magnificent with one. Just really comes down to your taste and what you feel comfortable with. And as always, no explorer or junior should ever be able to use any lights on his/her vehicle(no negativity intended, just my own personal opinion.)

    Nick Funk
    Swartz Creek Area Fire Dept.
    Post 41

    "FireFighters Walk Where The Devil Dances."

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    Our fire dist is in a very rural area and I have met probably 2 cars per call between my house and the station and they are usually going the opposite way I am. I only live like 4 minutes from the station (going speed limit) anyways so I dont really have to push it to get there since I wont be leaving until someone comes to drive the truck.

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    Yea...a car with a lightbar...ehh I dunnoo..Now a ford explorer or expedition with a light bar....Aweseome lookin..hehe..But anyway...Like everyone else said it depends on the area your in....In my town you really only need a dash light..But when responding to a EMs call since our building is on the highway..its kindof a pain for people to let youpull out onto the highway..REMEMBER THEY ARE IN A HURRY ALSO..SO THEY SAY or THINK...But our situation is more important than that 3:00 meeting!!...but anyway it tends to be a pain pulling out since the oncoming drivers only geta side view and can barely see that light..so they dont slow down or anything so lots of our members have a dash light or Minibar JUST to get out onto the highway..but I say 95% of the time its not a problem...So basically its just like the main roads where you need high warning power to let the people know your coming through.. sometimes when we are on the highway..only once in a whle this happens if theres a patrol car from another town near us he/she will escort us to their town border if we are responding on the highway with our blue light on.... which is good... cause people move more for a cop car than a Pov with a blue light...THATS WHEN YOU GET A PA IN YOUR CAR !! hehehehe..j/k.

    South Amboy, New Jersey
    EMS Cadet in NJ

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    I think a mini-linght bar looks good on something like a pick up or suv. I'd buy a mini-light bar cause you still get great warning power and they don't always cost as much as a full size light bar.

    What ever you decide on, just remember to drive carefully.

    Robert A. Klinger, Jr.

    be safe guys!!!!

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    I don't think that any type of dash light should ever be used. They are in you field of vision and at night often cause reflections on the glass. You are already driving under stressful conditions and you don't need any more distractions. I use a magnetic rotating light on the top of my vehicle. Illinois laws say that lights used by volunteer fire fighters cannot be visible unless in use. They are not permitted to be visible even when they are off.

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    My light does not glare back at me on the glass while responding at night, I have a red whelen dashmiser plus strobe. I think the rotating lights have more glare than strobes. But I see where you are coming from. You really need 360 degree visibility. I might purchase a minibar later on but I am on a tight budget at the moment.

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    We are attempting to create a command and communications vechile and we have been looking into dash lights because they create a low profile. I personally like light bars, but in the volunteer case I would prefer a dash light.

    Captain R.J. Stine
    XFD Cadets
    "Don't Get Burned! (Think Fire Safety)"

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    East Haddam#1firefighter
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    Hey I would highly recommend all hide-away Whelen Strobes.. Go to the Junior FF forum and go into the "Lighting systems for personnal vehicles" and go to page 2 and see what I wrote for my personnal strobe system. You will get some good ideas and hopefully convince you to get hide-aways. Or Just Go to WWW.WHELEN.COM

    Shawn Daigle
    East Haddam F.D.
    East Haddam Connecticut

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    In regards to Illinois law, where did you find this informatin that Volenteer Fire fighters cannot have visible lights? If that's the case, um, you better ticket my entire department.

    And the one in the next town.

    And the one after that.

    Hell, I think most FF'ers in IL have Dash Lasers, which are extremely easy to see, esp. on a sunny day. Hmm.

    Breaking the Law with his DashLaser,

    Oh yeah, in regards to the topic of this post. :> I'd highly advise -against- a Fullsize light bar, for several reasons.

    1. You look like a total dweeb. How many other FF'ers on your department have $1000.00+ light bars on top of their cars?

    2. Ever tried to install one of those things, only to have to take it down so you can drive across state lines?

    3. Cops do not like people with full sized light bars. I know, I'm an Explorer with one of them. You turn it on, and you are litterally asking to be pulled over for impersonating a police officer.

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    While I am not allowed to run a red light until I go off probation. My dad an assn. cheif has a code 3 dashlight (roatoar) and it works just fine expusully after that 100 watt serin gets there attention. hahahaha
    I am going to run a code 3 on my dash
    why run a full light bar when you can not run a serin. makews no sense.
    please email me if you think different

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    I think one person runs with a full light bar (other than chiefs). It was funny cause untill he got his new car the bar stuck like 3" off the side of the car on both sides. I can only think of 2 people who have minibars. all the rest of us have dash lights or dash lights and flash their high beams(considering wig wags are illegal, oops how did they get on my car!). but I will run with a Firebeam half clear half blue with that cool multi-flash mirror

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    In New Hampshire, anything goes, but it is up to the discretion of the local law enforcement and fire chief. Wanting to get to the station for a quick response is all well and good, but use common sense. If there isn't a life at risk, don't risk lives trying to make the first piece out. If you know that only one engine is going to roll, and you aren't going to make it, go with the flow of traffic. Remember, all of the whirlygigs that we vollies put on our vehicles are just "courtesy" lights. No one is required by law to pull over and stop for volunteers responding to the station. I'll admit that I have a mini-edge strobe bar and alternating grill lights, but I hardly ever use them. It really depends on the call. Another thing to keep in mind, and this goes for everyone out there, no matter where you are, who you are, or what the situation is, your actions reflect on the ENTIRE firefighting community, especially the volunteer community. Even when you are not responding to a call, just having a light and/or a fire plate draws attention from the public, and requires professionalism at all times. The next time you are responding to a call, think before you plug in, or flip that switch. And if you have to turn em' on, be sure to throw a wave of thanks to those who are courteous enough to pull over for you. Remember, these are the people who pay for the equipment and apparatus that we have. Stay safe, and stay low.
    Lieutenant M. Spinney
    Rollinsford Fire & Rescue

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    Cadets in my dept, are not allowed to have any warning or sound devices in our vehicles unitl we reach 18, then we are activated to active firefighter status.
    In my city, firefighters can only have one, small dashlight, no mirrors on it either

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    what state do you live in. I would love to run blue and clear on my fire beam.

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    Go for a mini lightbar. I have a Whelen Respond-a-strobe on my car and it works wonders. Quite a traffic mover. You can see it all the time, day or night and it's 360 degree visibility as a dashlight can only be seen up front and sometimes from the sides. Lightbar buddy...

    Export V.F.D.

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    Default lights agin huh....

    well if i did get a light, wich on my department only the cheif gets, i wouldent waste my cash on a light bar.get a dash light. but if u use it just flash it quick at people and get them outta the way. try not to go speeding down to the station with it on dodging trafic cause u could cause and accident and ruin the light thing for the whole department.....
    never forget 343 FDNY
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    normal people spend their life's avoiding intense situations.....a fireman's life is an intence situation.

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    Temporarily/No Longer Active dfdex1's Avatar
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    "me got litebarz ireally coolz cuz it so shiny tobad me know not how to put out fire or know a halligan from a hernia cuz me spend to much time looking in galls instead of the essential of ff book!"

    I dont think explorers/jr.s should have them.

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