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    Question Explorers Veiw on Helmets they wear.

    I was just wondering what kind of helmets your Dept. Mandates u to wear?? Our dept. doesn't have a regulation helmet but we wear whatever a Leather,Plastic helmet, or the turtal shell's. let me know

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    Whatever is NFPA approved we are allowed to wear..

    South Amboy, New Jersey
    EMS Cadet in NJ

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    Firehouse.com Guest

    Thumbs down

    Our department is regulated by colors.... Like most departments.... Unfortunately the cadets here dont get a good color.... We get ORANGE....it doesnt even look like a helmet.... they are these ugly hand me down smoothies and I cant stand them.... Id buy a new helmet but id have to order it in ORANGE!!!! AGGGHHH.......i hate that color.
    Oh well.....two more years then i can change colors......

    Cadet Vol. Adam Spencer
    Nixa Fire Protection Dis.
    Nixa, MO 65721

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    Nick SBFD 6
    Firehouse.com Guest


    I was looking in the Cairns brochure yesterday and asked myself, "Who the he!! would buy an Orange helmet! I guess I answered my question today, I feel for you man!!!

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    Thanks for the sympathy..... I really need it around here because some of these guys really test me........ And the orange helmets are horrible....... Oh well atleast I can make it look good with decals and stuff. Catch everyone later.....

    Cadet Vol. Adam Spencer
    Nixa Fire Protection Dis.
    Nixa, MO 65721

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    Regular Explorers wear Blue helmets. Explorer Officers wear Orange helmets. I suppose as long as it was approved by the NFPA and the correct color, the explorer could wear it.

    Nick Funk
    Swartz Creek Area Fire Dept.
    Post 41

    "FireFighters Walk Where The Devil Dances."

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    What's wrong with orange in the Jefferson County Fire Association which consists of 21 vol/paid depts. including mine, White-Command, Orange-Company Officers, some use Red-Lt., Yellow-Sgt & FF's, Blue- EMS, Chaplin Non-Suppression, Explorer's on the other hand use different colors we use Red some use Black, Blue, and Yellow.

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    if a cadat has a helment he wears black

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    Nothing wrong with orange, it is the safety officer's color in our department.(although I agree, it ain't real pretty!) The cadets wear blue Cairns Phoenix 660's.

    Be safe cadets. The dragon lurks!!!

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    Cadets on my department wear yellow helmets. Chiefs and Captians-white, Lt.s-Red and FF's-Black.

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    In the company i run with jrs wear orange helmets.

    Rescue Fire
    Dauphin County Company 37

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    I LOVE MY HELMET!!!!!!!!!!
    We bought black New Yorkers with some of the cadet fund money and we have red name shields on the front of them!!

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    Once the regular fire fighters received their new black leathers, we got their old black helmets. The three chiefs have white helmets and everyone else has black. Captains and Lieutenants have white shields with their rank on it. Firefighters have black shields with their rank on it. Explorers have green shields with either a 50, one bugle, or two bugles on it, depending on their rank-explorer, 1 Lt., 1 Cap. My cousin had an old black Cairns New Yorker leather helmet, so I use that.

    Anthony D. Ruggiero
    Explorer Captain/EMT-B
    Windsor Locks Fire Dept. Exp. Post 50
    Windsor Locks,CT

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    As of now all the explorers have Bullard Firedomes in black and our 2 chiefs have White ones, the lieutenant and captain get black ones also but they say the rank on the side. Hopefully Some of the firefighters Cairns 1010's will be getting passed to us very shortly. By the way I feel for you people with orange. (although i personally wouldn;t mind a nice yellow helmet)

    Shane Metcalfe
    Acting Explorer Lieutenant
    Ridge Culver Fire Explorers
    Post 286

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    Our Department is screwed up.. A couple yrs. ago when the ordered new helmets the got the colors mixed up. As long as I've been there everybody wears red. Every once and a while we'll get some $ and the Capts. push for The correct color order. So about half of our ffs have yellow, Capts. wear Red. The cadets were left out. Some ff didn't want us to wear yellow because we're not ff and others didn't care. We got feed-up and decided to buy our own. Our Enginers just wear their yellows...so we bought black. This will all change when we get our new gear. I'm going to trade with a ff who just got promoted!

    Robert Kerchief
    Cadet Capt.
    Ft. Huachuca Fire

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    In my department we wear orange construction style bullard helmets. I would prefer to wear a New York style helmet which the FF's wear but for now these will do.

    Explorer Manes
    Colonia Vol.Fire Dept.
    Colonia N.J.

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    We have yellow ones right now but we are going to sell them for even shiner yellow ones.

    Captain R.J. Stine
    XFD Cadets
    "Don't Get Burned! (Think Fire Safety)"

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    Firehouse.com Guest

    Thumbs down

    in my department we wear lion's 3600 series. basically they look like yellow salad bowls. i hate them. hopefully a group of us is going to go out and buy new yorkers.
    guess we'll have to stick with them till then.

    Robert A. Klinger, Jr.

    stay safe everyone!!!!

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    Firehouse.com Guest


    I typically dont care as long as my dome is protected. I have at least 8 differnt style helmets that i have collected or have been givin form other department as thank yous..
    I have a blue 2 orange 3 red 1 black and yellow. Not inservice..

    Leather Carins 1010
    Carins metro 660
    Both Black

    Jr. FF/EMT-B Matt Nolan North Farms Vol. FD
    Wallingford, Ct

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    Nozzleman 84
    Firehouse.com Guest


    In my department all chief officers wear white, lieutenants wear red, firefighters wear yellow, our medical lieutenant wears blue and our photographer wears orange. Right now explorers have the older style Carins helments colored yellow. In the next year we are supposed to get Los Angeles style black.

    Real Heros Wear SCBAs Not Capes

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