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    my name is scottie and i am 15 and live in delaware and am joinging brandywine fire dept tonight(actual meeting). My questions are what is the training process and at what points do u get to ride certain apparatus? how about ems what training and when etc. I was also wondering about pagers? when how much where etc. i have many more questions but this is enough for now.

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    Welcome ! Training varies from post to post, so I will let you know how everything goes in my post. During your first six months on the post, you will be trained on everything you should know prior to being able to respond to calls. This may include, but is not limited to communciations, truck equipment, PPE(personal protective equipment), etc. Pagers are issued in my post after you six month probationary period ends. At this time, an explorer may respond to any call, with the exception of mutual aid and HazMat. We do not recieve any EMS training in my post as our department does not run medicals. Hope this helps you. Any other questions, feel free to e-mail me. my address is FireGuyNick@aol.com.

    Nick Funk
    Swartz Creek Area Fire Dept.
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    "FireFighters Walk Where The Devil Dances."

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    Glad you are entering the fire service! In agreement with Nick, training will vary for each department. I'm the training officer for our small department here in Georgia, and it's my belief the program is only as aggressive as the TO is. We have an intense program, but I like to think Murphy's Law always shows its ugly head. I think you'll enjoy it.
    Our new volunteers are only on 90 day probation, and at the ned if they meet our standards they are issued bunker gear and pagers. Once again, every departent will be different. Feel free to contact me at bam413@surfsouth.com

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