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    Question junior fire fighter program

    I am trying to set up a junior fire fighter program in my area. I have searche long and hard tryin to find info, but nothing. If any one has anything, please email me

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    I would be happy to send you a copy of my post by-laws. This would probably be a great help in setting up your post. If you are interested or have any other questions, feel free to contact me. My e-mail address is fireguynick@aol.com . Hope this helps, and GOOD LUCK.

    Nick Funk
    Swartz Creek Area Fire Dept.
    Post 41

    "FireFighters Walk Where The Devil Dances."

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    That's great that you're trying to start a program in your area. The more of us there are out there the better the future of the fire service will be. You should contact your nearest boy scout counsel if you want to become an explorer post. You can even go online to http://www.learning-for-life.org/exploring . It's a site for boy scout exploring programs, such as fire service. If you want any info on my dept. just email me at aruggier@ct2.nai.net I'd be glad to help out a future fellow firefighter. Good luck.

    Anthony D. Ruggiero
    Explorer Captain/EMT-B
    Windsor Locks Fire Dept. Exp. Post 50
    Windsor Locks,CT

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    We just started our junior firefighter program, and we have an entire set off by-laws that are written up. If you like, email me at Untouchables21@firehousemail.com and I can mail you a copy of ours, and compare and contrast them with Nicks.

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    you said you needed info on a junior firefighter class information. the county i'm from has a whole packet that they teach from. i just took the class back in february. If you can get ahold of Chester County Government Building, (PA). they could probely tell you the traning corodinators name and fax the info to you.

    Robert A. Klinger, Jr.
    stay low...stay safe

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    One of the most important things to do before you begin a jr program is to get a copy of your State's Child Labor Laws in regard to emergency services. You can get this from either your State's labor department or from a State Congressman or Representatives, many of which have made booklets for this topic. We finally established a program a few months back and still ironing out the wrinkles as we go along. It's not an easy task. Good luck in your endeavors...

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