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    Talking Explorers on EMS/Rescue Calls

    Our Dept won't let our explorers ride on EMS and accidents. our station is fortunate to has two als ambulances. we've been told that they don't want us to see something that will disturbe us or some BS like that. Myself and a couple of other explorers became Certified First Responders. Even with this they won't budge. I need help with a proposal with the Pros of us riding to ambulance and accident calls. I feel that someone is going to be disturbed at any age with certain scenario. So if a person is 17 years old and 364 day old they can't handle anything, but the next day they can. what a line of S**T. Currenty i'm 16 and have ridden with a fully paid ambulance service in city nearby. We had a good wreck. I was in there watching every step of they way to the hospital. we had a bunch of runs that night. after that nighjt it just made me want to ride on our ambulance. We can go serve a city in which we don't even live in and we can't serve our own community. I must be missing something.
    Please help.

    EXP. CAPT. Dog

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    Be patient Grasshopper, your turn in the blood and gore is on its way if you stay in this business. Do a little research on Critical Incident Stress and see how this stuff builds up in you as time goes on. You don't need to start any earlier if you don't have to. Concentrate on the fire service side, that is where you can get yourself killed if you aren't up to speed. You can do EMS later.

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    Well, my department does not run medical's, so I can't really comment on responding to EMS calls. PI accidents on the other hand is a different story. Any of our explorers are issued a pager and allowed to respond to any call(except HazMat and Mutual Aid), after they have completed the necessary training and their 6 month probationary period. Explorers responding to PI accidents is a judgement call on the explorer's part. If he/she believes they can handle the things they may see on the call, they may respond.

    Nick Funk
    Swartz Creek Area Fire Dept.
    Post 41

    "FireFighters Walk Where The Devil Dances."

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    Augdog 11, I wish you the best of luck. In my post we can go to mva's if we want to as long as it's not on the highway-but that can even be waived by advisors and fd officers. I understand where you are coming from. I'm on our town ambulance as well and I've seen a lot of stuff so far. I'm one of the few firefighters on the fire department that has ever performed CPR on a live patient, three to be exact. But you just have to be patient. Good things come in due time. Just explain to them how you are certified and were on an ambulance. Let them know how you feel about this subject and how passionate you are about this program. Be civil and mature and it will look good on you and your explorers. Good luck.

    Anthony D. Ruggiero
    Explorer Captain/EMT-B
    Windsor Locks Fire Dept. Exp. Post 50
    Windsor Locks,CT

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    augdog11.....I admire your dedication. I am an "old timer" (gawd, I hate that word) and I really enjoy having "cadet, junior" (or what ever title you give them) firefighters on calls with me. However, they must not be involved in actual patient care, but they do ride with us on the engine to MVA's,fires, etc. "Augie", you will be "of age" soon enough. In the mean time, watch, learn, ride with that neighboring city, learn as much as you can. Give yourself time to learn and grow. Come up to Alaska and ride with us!!

    Be safe. The dragon lurks!!!

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    ( This is how my Capt. feels about the problem. We were having the same problem about a month ago. But we went through the proper chain and got some leway. Like my cap. says..wait your time is coming!)

    Augie, I agree with Alaska, I've been in the fire service for 29 years. If your an adrenilin junky you should look for a different career. You need to experiance life before you can apprieciate death. Learn your skills, be prepared to spend a career with the purpose of helping others. All things come in time, patience is your best virtue now. We do make a differance in peoples lives, be humble, everything we do for others we also grow as a person. Think about BSI and IDLH. Go home in the upright position, and do everything your job requires like you are signing your name to it. Our profession has no margin for error, learn, but never think you know it all. If you can't get medic time one place get it somewhere else, learn what you can everywhere you go but don't chastize your dept. when they don't recognize your needs. There is no I in team, we are a team, appreciate what they do for you and give back to them 100%. Your purpose is the good of the department, not you.

    Captain John Taylor
    Fort Huachuca Fire Department

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