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    Question Rescue Squad/Extrication

    Who provides rescue squad/extrication services in your area? your rescue/ambulance company, fire company, or an individual rescue squad company? In your opinion who should have the right to run a squad? and what other info can u give about the company that provides these services?

    Deputy Chief James Ulrich
    Hagerstown Fire Department Explorer Post 321

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    our department has its own rescue with jaws cutters and all the other good fun toys i think that it should be the fire department because what else do firefighters have to do at a accident scene except cut open and pull people out of cars

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    My opinion the Fire Department should extricate a patient from a vehicle because that free's up EMS members on one of hte crews on scene of the accident and has more EMS people to take care of hte patient or patients when called. I still think EMS should carry the Equipment on there rescue truck...and be trained....just the Fire/Rescue Unit carrying the Jaws is not available at that time...Either way is good to me..But I think fire should do it if possible...

    South Amboy, New Jersey
    EMS Cadet in NJ

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    In our fire district, our Fire Department does extrications. We do not, however, run medicals. Our EMS is provided by a private company. In my own personal opinion, I think the Fire Department should do the extrications. I believe having the FireFighters do the extrications frees up the medics to help with victims, and not have to worry about extricating them also.

    Nick Funk
    Swartz Creek Area Fire Dept.
    Post 41

    "FireFighters Walk Where The Devil Dances."

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    In our department and the vast majority of the deptartments I am aware of, the fire dept. does the extrication. To do the job right takes a lot of expensive equipment and specialized training. The EMS people would be better off staying with EMS and doing that one task well instead of diverting their energies to rescue. If they want to "play" they would probably be welcome to join their local fire department as well.

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