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    Post Are you involved in fire prevention

    In my dept. I do alot of fire prevention. Im woundering what other dept.s do for fire prevention and how important it is.

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    The juniors arent really active with the fire prevention since MOST of it is during school hours.. But the open house etc...juniors help out. So far our Program is excellent havent had a house fire in 2 years as of october 1st. I say we are doing a pretty good job huh?We've had our 1-2-3 calls where part of a room or a room is on fire and its knocked down 1-2-3 but the majority of our calls are for fire alarm activations...no real fires...so its been goin along pretty well lately....

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    over the past two years i've been one of the more active juniors out of my company. i've done a lot with open houses and stuff and this year was my first year doing fire prevention at a school. (went under educational travel of course). i can honestly say i had a blast.

    Robert A. Klinger, Jr.
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    My department has the cadets really involved in fire prevention. This year for FP Week, the cadets had their own night. On the Last day, myself and one other cadet did some extrication demonstrations. We also run the Safety Trailer. I think we can relate to the kids a bit better maybe because we are not some old guys (or girls).

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