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    hey guys i was wondering if you guys have any good trainings that you did that my post can do (ours are pritty boreing most of the time) and if you guys have any funny training storyes feel free to post them too

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    My best advice is to follow the Firefighter One curriculum of your area and teach some of the stuff from the Essentials of Firefighting textbook. You may want to look into having guest speakers or tours of larger departments in your area. Try to get a consensus from your members on what they might want to learn. One fun drill we try to do every year is to set up a maze of tables in our apparatus room like a hallway with deadends and debris. We have kids pack up and wear masks, but no regulators, and duct tape their mask shields so they can't see. We throw a gear bag in the maze to simulate a body. Everyone enjoys it. There's no better way to do training than trial and error. Good luck.

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    We usually do the same about once every two months where we set up a large area with obstacles and such and have all the explorers pack up and we make them wear their nomex hoods over the masks so they cant see and we use an explorer in gear with a pack on as a victim and we turn his pass alarm on to simulate a downed ff. Another great drill if you have the support to do it and the tools needed is car extrication. With the help of a few ff's or advisors this can turn out to be a great drill where a lot can be learned. If you need more ideas just post back.Cya

    Shane Metcalfe
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