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    Arrow Post Bye-Laws?

    Hey guys...i was just ondering what are some of your posts by-laws and rules or regulations. in my post we can't resond to a call after 9:00 on school nights and 11:00 on weekends...etc. What other rules do you guys have? and do you like them?

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    In my dept. we ride a 24 hrs. shift (if we want to) Which most of us do. The big rules are...You can't enter a crime, domestic, or a blood ridden scene!

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    Were not even allowed to go on fire calls.I hate it.

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    Explorers may respond to any call except HazMat and Mutual Aid. Explorers may respond to PI Extrications only if they know they can handle what they may see on scene. Explorers may not be in the station after 10:00pm on school nights or 12:00am on non-school nights unless they are 18 or their parents have signed a waiver. Explorers must have completed all required training and a 6 month probationary period before being issued a pager and being allowed to respond to calls.

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