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    Post Are the members of your post allowed to run a red/blue light in their POV?

    Are explorers in your dept allowed to run a red/blue light in their POV. Here the explorers are not allowed to have a red/blue light in their POV. I think this is a good idea because I have seen cause i have done it. When you have your red/blue light you have a tendency to drive more faster and more reckless.

    George Hagerty
    firefighter/explorer(i am still on the post til they can get more people or untill I turn 19)
    Columbus KY

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    Our explorers MAY NOT respond with lights and/or siren on their vehicles under any circumstances. There is no need for an explorer to be running hot to the station. If the call is that serious, they will make the second or third out truck. Our explorers may ride with(not drive)a firefighter in our department if they are with that person when the alarm sounds or if one or both of their parents are members of the department with light/siren priveleges.

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    Juniors are NOT allowed to run with lights and sirens. But most of us have wig-wags or something like them. We are also allowed to use airhorns, they work really well in intersections. But that is the extent of our lighting systems untill we turn 18

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    Brian Dunlap
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    Junior Firefighter/EMT + Blue Light + Car = Disaster ~ Ours are not allowed to use them and I firmly Stick by that !!

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    In my department (combination paid/vol.), NOBODY, junior member or not, is allowed to run lights/sirens in their personal vehicle. The reason for this is that the career staff are on duty 24/7 and can respond from the station. The only exception to this policy is if a volunteer chief is issued a fire/rescue vehicle (like some sort of SUV with a full lightbar setup), then he/she can run calls from his/her residence.

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    Cadets cant run with lights and/or siren. Even after you turn eighteen, you are issued one standard, solid blue dashlight, no mirrors on it, no wigwags, no airhorn PERIOD! it doesn't matter whether your a firefighter or chief.

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    nope in california state law says that you can only have blue or red warning lights on emergancy veicals

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    As an advisor, I strongly recommend that Explorer's DO NOT RESPOND WITH ANY LIGHTS OR SIRENS on there POV. There is no need for this what so ever!!! We (firefighters) have enough problems dealing with all the other drivers, we don't need to worry about watching for our "kids" flying to the fire station and potentionally becoming a "victim" in a MVA with a responding company. We ALL need to consider "BANNING" them on explorer's POV!!!


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    Here in North Madison, Connecticut, explorers may NOT use any kind of lights, sirens, flashing high beams, horns, blah blah, blah. One you turn 18, you can join the senior company and use whatever BLUE lights you want. Only chief, asst. chief, captain, and EMS Captain can use red, clear, and blue lights and siren.


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    In my station we are not aloud to do honk, flash lights, or have a blue light to run calls. It's that simple. When you turn 18 you can have a blue light.

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    NO! the Explorers are not to have lights or sirens in their POV's, Explorers are only allowed to respond NON-EMERGENCY as they can not and do not enter the fire. The Explorer post is used as a support unit for the FD, and they can not be in harms way so the staging area or rehab is where they are used. Explorers can only ride on FD vehicles NON_EMERGENCY and not taking the place of any FF.

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    on every call.

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    Jesse Cole
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    NO blue light, no red, no clear/amber, no wigwag(Only chiefs) nono 4 ways! Explorers shouldnt be in such a rush. They're not "kids" who cant drive and cause accidents their whole way to the FD. We need to realize is that our training (ususally informal) doesnt allow us,under lawsand all that, to go first in. Explorers around here here are'nt allowed in red zone or first in. This is good for both sides of the equation. Hey, and be thankful that you even get to go to the scene, our neighboring town doesnt even let them do that. We cna't boot a ff here but we can run lights siren on the TRUCK not POVs.

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    No Way, No How!

    These are not the opinions of my department.~

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    Point of clarification to begin with. VA State law allows for no more than 2 flashing or steady burning red or red/white lights on a POV. No sirens on POV & no Headlight flashers on POV.

    Now to the fun stuff . . .
    On the Rescue Squad I vollie with - no Junior member may have a "red light" in his or her vehicle.

    (Jr. members are at least 16 and no older than 21. Sr. members must be at least 18 - Why you'd want to stay a Jr after 18 I dunno - I didn't)

    Now the FD I vollie with (same county, same area) will allow their Jr. members to have red lights, although it is something we do not encourage.

    Just remember Jr. and Sr. members alike - if you don't get to the call then you can't do any good.

    Take Care - Stay Safe

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