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    TM Guest

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    Hey does your Department share dispatch services with any other FD's mine does. Are's is called Verdugo Fire Communications we are linked on with it are. Monrovia, Arcadia, Sierra Madre, Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank and Alhambra. E-41 I know your out there what do you think?

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    SMVFDE Guest

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    E-41 to E-101
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    Been alittle over a year for us and we are pretty happy with it. Some small bugs in the system like dead spots for the MDT's in certain spots in the city but nothing major. Personal I enjoy it. We had the Police Dispatcher dispatching fire before we saw the light and converted. lol. They enjoy it also cause it frees up the dispatcher.

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    TM Guest

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    E-101 to E-41
    You guys came on the same day as Arcadia according to the report on the web site WWW.VFCC.ORG I think that is Verdugo's web site, Hey what year is that ladder truck of yours, I know that Truck 102 is an 81 LTI.

    E-101 Monrovia Ca FD
    E-41 Sierra Madre CA fd TO THOSE WHO MAY WONDER what thsi jabbering and bickering are about

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    SMVFDE Guest


    E-41 to E-101
    I will have to go check it out. Yea it was quiet after you guys went to Verdugo. It is a 1978 American LaFrance 100' Tractor Drawn Tiller. I LOVE THAT THING.

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    TM Guest


    E-101 to E-41 I was wrong E-41 is probaly two inche's longer than E-201, Hye my cousin is a tillerman with LA Cityhe use to work at 14's in South Central but got transfered to 9's in Skid Row.

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    SMVFDE Guest


    E-41 to E-101 is the adress of verdugo.

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    TM Guest

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    E-101 to E-41 thanks for catching my mistake I realized I forgot to include San Gabriel and South Pas

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    SCAFDEXP Guest


    In terms of Fire Dispatch, our county is basically divided in two, North County and South County. All Fire Departments on the North County side are dispatched on the same channel, and vice versa for South County Departments. Then all Departments have their own "TAC" frequency so they can have their incident traffic off the dispatch channel. There are only 2 departments in the entire county who do not participate in the county-wide dispatch system. It works out very well. All police departments in the county(except for 2), including county sheriff dept., is also dispatched by the same center.

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    greendrum872 Guest


    Around Chicago (not including) we have districts, the south side is the Third District. There are 20 or so departments in the district. Our Mutual Aid system is run out of Dolton, IL. There is one Indiana town (Munster) on our band. There are 3 channels we use, 1-Dispatch, 2-Mutual Aid, and 3-Fireground. It is a good system unless it gets busy during storms and such.

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    Nozzleman 84 Guest


    My department shares dispatch with quite a few other agencys. The Douglas County Fire Dispatch covers: Castle Rock, Larkspur, Franktown, South Metro, Jackson 105, Parker, Cunningham, Skyline and West Douglas Fire Departments. In addition to fire the dispatch center also controls the county sheriff's office. Over all the system works well aspecialy with mutual aid, but when the call volume is high it is difficult to dispatch and acknowledge.

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    titorobfiregod Guest


    Our county is divided into 3 sections that are all dispatched on one lowband frequency and the county's 800 system. east battalion is holley, hulberton, kendall, and clarendon. they have an 800mhz group. center is COVA (who does all ems in center battalion), albion, carlton, and barre. they have another 800mhz group. then there is west- medina, ridgeway, shelby, east shelby, and lyndonville. they have a 3rd 800mhz group. the rest of the 800's r divided between highway, sherriff, pd, and county buildings&grounds. this system works great. the fd and pd can coordinate if they need to without going through the dispatcher. Hope this is a good description

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    Chris Deyerle - FF Guest


    Our's is called Elmore County E-911. Its dispatchs us, 20 other FDs and also dispatchs Elmore County Sherrif Office. The cities around here as there own dispatch for the city FDs and PDs. There is about 4 in the county with different centers.

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    CFD Explorer Guest


    Champaign County has a central dispatch center, METCAD. They dispatch the Champaign and Urbana Fire Departments on Metro fire (these are full time departments) and a bunch of volunteer departments on the other ch. They also dispatch PD.

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    Engine 101 Guest


    All the departments on Verdugo are paid fulll time FD's except Sierra Madre there a Vollie FD and the last all Vollie FD in LA County. When we first came on we were Station's 11 and 12 but switched to 101 and 102 since Burbank already had those when Arcadia came on they were 31-33 but now are 105-107, WWW.VFCC.ORG

    Tim Macias

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    cmjones Guest


    Yes we are on the county-wide frequency with 3 ALS EMS Stations, 11 Fire Departments, 2 Rescue Squads.

    They also dispatch City PD, City FD, County Sheriff, Special Services (animal control, etc.)

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