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    RescueJay Guest

    Question Tools...

    Hey. Can everyone just quickly type in what tools you have on your gear. I have:

    gerber river rescue knife
    anothr knife i forget the name
    swiss army knife
    multi-purpose adj. wrench
    res-q-wrench (spanner window punch gas shutoff prybar and seatbelt cutter)
    10ft rescue rope
    9,000lb biner
    cleanup gloves
    pocket mask
    window punch
    haz-mat index
    latex gloves
    scba mask

    Explorer J.Manes
    CVFD Colonia N.J.

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    MTFDEx5 Guest


    Thats cool and all, i myself love having all that cool stuff...But i wanted to know why you carry all that stuff around with you? i only carry a survivor light, 2 door choks, gloves on my coat a hood inside the top of my helmet,a have a knife in my coat pocket and some search rope and biner..and i only carry them if the drill renders its use...some of the stuff you carry seems a bit useless, but don't take it offensivly, just stay safe!!!!

    =These are my opinions, and mine alone, not my departments or any other persons', any similarities are purely coincidential!!!=
    "You light 'em, We fight 'em!!"

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    RescueJay Guest


    Hey, the reason i carry all that stuff is that we are expected to carry out alot of activites on calls. Also i use them quite often on drills training and on calls. It seems like alot but its not really

    Exp. J.Manes
    CVFD Colonia

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    firefighter15_wv Guest


    i didn't know they made bunker gear with that many pockets.

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    wannabe-EMT Guest


    I have small pockets. In my left coat pocket is my left glove. In my right coat pocket is my right glove. In my radio pocket are my safety glasses. Right pant's leg has my hood, and the left has my flashlight. And that's all that fits.

    Peace, and stay safe.

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    firefighter15_wv Guest


    RescueJay, the more i think about it, the more i wonder, how in the hell do you fit all that stuff in your pockets, do you "clink" when you walk, or do you pull a little radio flyer wagon around on scene that contains all your tools. just curious.

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    Engine58 Guest


    Knife,Glove holder/gloves,
    2ft rope,
    2 door chocks(neverknow),
    Latex gloves,
    window punch and thats it..No need for a mask(cant use SCBA), or any of that other **STUFF**,oh ya..cant forget the survivor light hangin from my jacket..also the little flashy yellow Light that hangs on my jacket..I thought it looked pretty cool...


    2 pairs Latex Gloves
    Pen Light
    window Punch

    South Amboy, New Jersey
    EMS Cadet in NJ

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    Tristin Guest


    you guys are crazy i just carry bunker gloves my helicopter saftey card (never know) ear plugs leather man mini mag and a hood nothing more usualy nuthing less

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    Engineer64 Guest


    Fire Gloves
    Leather Work GLoves
    Mini Mag light
    Xtra pack of cigarrettes
    Portable radio
    Safety Glasses
    Rubber Gloves
    Portable Spanner Wrench
    7" LockBack Knife

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    txfireguy00 Guest


    I carry a wood wedge and a Garrity light on my helmet, and I have a pair of shears a 3ft piece of rope in my pants pocket. you dont need all the rest of that stuff it just weights you down.

    Exp. Capt. Michael Bell
    Mexia Fire/EMS
    Mexia Texas

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