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    Angry For all you Wannabe Blue/Red Lighters

    Here's some food for thought for anyone here who thinks running blue lights is cool. Not but a week ago, a local fire fighter running a call to the station was hit head on by another vehicle. In turn, the local FD was required to run two calls, the orginal, and the headon. This firefighter had some of the lighting descriptions spoken about here, Whelen strobes and all that. Just think about it, eh?

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    I strongly agree with the point you are making. Most firefighter's live close enough to the station that the lights and siren's only make them drive like idiot's. The fire chief is the only member of our department that run's lights and I live a block further from the station than he does. If we respond toward the station I beat him there 8 out of 10 time with nothing. Put the red light's on the fire trucks and try to spend your drive to the station getting your adrenaline high under control while on you way and don't make it worse by blowing the siren. It is a proven fact that siren noise only make's your high that much more harder to control.


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    I also agree! I used to think the light was cool, but the scratchy buzz on the roof was so **** annoying I felt like pulling the plug, and let it fly off onto the road! But we would never speed, I only used to get through construction zones(ie When they saw the light, they let us past). We have one still, but it just sits on the dash collecting dust. We have it in case we were to come upon a scene, so other drivers would know to slow down, and that there is an emergency in progress. We don't use it to respond, because the way I figure it-if I miss the truck, just get the address from dispatch and go to the scene. I believe they are known as courtesy lights, a courtesy to other drivers to know that you are responding to an emergency-One way to repond, and to show the community you care is to take it easy, take care of yourself, and other drivers. They'll appreciate that, even if it takes you an extra minute! No use in killing yourself, or anyone else just to go to a fire call! I love the fire dept. but not that much!

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    Everyone's on the ball with their reasons. In our dept. we have 8 people with lights on their personal vechicales for a special reason they hold a position with-in our dept. that allows them to have them on their car. Othes who have them don't belong to have them since they just drive like morons all the time. Thats my opion not of my towns.


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