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    Post What is your Depts. guidelines on Parades?

    With the holiday season approaching, I thought I would ask this. What is your departments' rule on parades? What I mean is do you get to run only lights and/or sirens? If run with sirens, it can sometimes cause problems if you get a call while you're in the parade. With my towns' Christmas Parade coming up next weekend,I thought it might be a good topic to post. In our town we have no written rules, so it is mostly up to the driver. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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    ok, here it depends on the town the parade is held in> mostly we get to run lights& sirens. It has been a giver for many years, all depts involved in parades has agreed that the "high-low" tone would not sound inless you have a call> That means get out of our way. it has work very well, at anytime the high-low is sounded everyone else shuts down siren and yields right of way to truck running call.> hope that helps you

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    We usually have two or three units in our upcoming christmas parade, We use the lights and will ocassiaonly blast the siren and the air horn, Our ladder truck is popular

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    All parades lights are a must but..

    St. Patricks Day Parade - sirens & airhorns are used occasionally but not too much.

    Christmas Parade - Same as above....

    Memorial Day Parade Or Any other type of Big parade (judging parade) - we only run lights since sirens are pretty much not allowed with judging parades, plus memorial day parade that would be pretty disrespectful I say runnig the Federal & Air Horns all the way down "main st."

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