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    Question Leaving High School ?

    I've heard a lot of negative comments about departments allowing their Juniors or Explorers to leave school for alarms...

    Three years ago I joined my department as a Junior Firefighter while I was a Junior in high school. My department had an open policy regarding leaving school for alarms - my department trusts our juniors enough to allow them to be responsible for balancing their education and activities.

    Juniors are a valid asset to any department, especially in a volunteer department. Do we really need a Fire 1 member changing air bottles or rolling a hose?

    My town's high school does not have a problem with our Juniors leaving for alarms - every one of our Juniors know what their first priority is, and none of them seem to have a problem managing their own educations.

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    I personally believe there is no need for an explorer or junior to leave school to go to a fire scene. If there is not enough manpower on-scene to handle it, that is what mutual aid is for. A young person's education is more important than going to a fire scene. My post has guidelines in place restricting explorers from responding during school hours.

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    I became a fireman my senior year when I turned 18 and got my FF I & II plus Haz-mat operations. During the day there are only 2 people from my dept. in town so my chief approached my principal to let me carry my pager and only leave for major calls (P.I., structure fires) and he said no. Since then I realised why but at the time i couldn't. I'd have to say that it is more important to stay in class and learn all u can. You will not be able to go anywhere in this world without an education.

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