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    Thumbs up MARY KOHLER

    Well even though Mary left her post of city hall in Philadelphia on Tuesday. I feel she did a great job. In that she educated a lot of the public on one of the many hazards we face on our job and she also proved that Mayor John Street has no real idea of what kind of jobs we do and what kind of hazards we come in contact with. In Mary's own word's, "Major Street may have won the battle, but we will win the war." In my own opinion she won the battle and the war.
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    My hat is off to our sister out in Philly, That took alot of guys but she sure did show that the you do not want to screw with the Fire Service especially when comes to health and safety issues, She deserves some kind of award, Humanitarian of the year Paramedic of the year, I am giving her a standing ovation, Great Job Sis!

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