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    Lightbulb ida of band (firefighter jam)

    helo as posted in the fire bufs message page i had an ida of a hevey metal band name firefighter jam.some of the songs would talk about my experince at the fd. and some of the calls that ive been on as an explorer nothing bad just all of the things that ive exprince in the past year and a half.i would like everyone's thoughs on this note this is just an idea that ie'd like to share to all of the explorers jr fd's and firefighters thanks!

    jacob starcher


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    Don't take this the wrong way, but I think the name firefighter jam sounds a little corny. Sorry man, I had to say it. I play guitar, and I just about have a band pieced together (i play metal too) and I know where you're coming from, because in my opinion, I think that choosing a name is hard. You have to find the right name, one that is cool,that has a ring to it, and isn't too tacky, and like i said, "firefighter jam" is a little tacky. As far as putting your experiences on the fireground in your songs, thats cool, as long as you can do it in a way that the average person will want to listen to it. Hope you figure something out, good luck.

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    I'm a punk guy myself and these names are more punk than metal, so maybe these might not fit for you.

    -The Hosers
    -The RideAlongs
    -The Captain Stanley's (E51 influence)
    -The First Responders
    -Chet-io's (E51 influence)
    -The Do Nothings
    -Four Inch Nozzles
    -Steam Buckets
    -The Tone Outs
    -The Spanners
    -The Federal Q's (might run into some trouble)
    -The Fog Pattern Project
    -The Smooth Bores
    -The Magnum BA's (remember Magnum PI?)
    -The Knockdowns
    -The Ventilators

    Anyway, good luck in your search. If you are a 4 member group with two men/two women, call yourself the Double Male/Double Females.

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    Ok Ok I couldnt Resist Much Longer.....HOW ABOUT "THE FLAMERS" J/K....lol..Anyway Good Luck with your band...How Bout....FLASH OVER...Or BackDraft..I dunno...

    South Amboy, New Jersey
    EMS Cadet in NJ

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    backdraft actually dosent sound too tacky.

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