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    Post How did you Join???

    Hello Everyone,
    I was just wondering how you guys went about joing your local dept. Also what process's did your application have to
    go through?. Im currently awaiting a background check on my application before it can signed.

    Id like to hear some of your input.


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    Walked in on the meeting night filled out my application sat through the meeting and got voted in new most of the guys on the department. My dad grew up with a few of them.

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    When I joined my Dept. I had my friend who got in about a year ago now, to arrange to have me meet with the Captain and get the applications, that was in May. For some reason though, my chief forgot to submit my application to be approved by the town council, I had a hell of a time getting that done, but I finally got in in August. It was a long, but obviously rewarding road

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    Filled out an application, then 9 months later, was called in for an interview..... Obviously I made.


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    i was playin football on my fire house lawn and one of the ems guys said i should join so that day i went up there got my papers filled them out handed them in went for my physical 1 week later and i also got a police backround check then within that week i was a junior

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