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    Question Before you become a junior firefighter?

    I am about to become a junior firefighter in my local neighborhood. I wanted to know what do you have to do before you can start riding along in the truck. thanx

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    Scottie Schmidt
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    hey, every station is different,but here you have to know what is in each compartment and have a certain amount of training.

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    Your best bet is to call your departments chief and set up a time to go and talk to him about this subject, all departments have different rules about what a JR. firefighter can and cannot do.


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    hey man jwelcome to the fire service. First off you are going to be a gofor unless you are an emt. So make sure you know how every piece of equipment no matter whether on scene you can us it or not works! This is very important because you need to do it quickly and correctly. Although there is nothing wrong with asking questions during training that is the place to learn. So in conclusion learn,learn,learn so that when you are on a call you can be a valuable asset instead of an observer.

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    The best thing I could tell ya to do is contact the Chief or Lead Advisor and find out about the post. I can guarantee you that you wont be asked to do anything that you dont feel comfortable doing or anything that you could not do. Just get with them and find out. I'm sure you'll love being an explorer. Welcome to the Fire Service.

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    in my department, i had to get a work permit and a physical

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