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    Question I was wonderin if JrF/F's do Medic stuff?

    Hey, I been trying to find somewhere I could be a part of Emergency Services, This Jr. FireFighter thing is pretty cool from what I been reading, the thing is that, I want to work with more of the medical emergencies or being a First Responder, I already have a First Responder Cert. Also work in Civil Air Patrol Search and Rescue (CAPSAR). From what I been reading on here the Jr. FireFighters just deal with Fire Fighting, thats pretty cool and all... but do Jr. Fire Fight help in Medical Emergencies?

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    I dont know about FL but in the state of South Carolina you have to be 18 years old to even get near a patient on an EMS call.

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    In Alaska, they have an Emergency Trauma Technician training course which is a First Responder level. We have three firefighter cadets and one of them is an ETT and myself and the other one are taking the course which ends at the end of the month. Even with the training, we can't have patient contact or even be on an EMS scene until we are 18.

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    Thanks, but one thing I do is the American Red Cross lets me work at the FSU Stadium in the First Aid Station, its not going to a crash with lights and siren but its real good practice and you get to do a lot of hands-on work. They have Paramedics that hang out in the Station with 2 ambulances on stand by but they like to leave the little stuff to us. Unless your having a heart attack or got a broke arm, serious stuff. We are the people who treat the pt. and if it is out of your standard of care you can still watch the paramedics do their job. I love it... but if your afraid of vomit, blood... and that kind of stuff this probably ain't going to be real fun for you because with all the drunks we get you see a lot of it. When Im there Im always under the supervision of a Red Cross paramedic.

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    At my department the cadets are sometimes allow to work with patients. It really all depends on the situation and if there is enough trained personnel on the scene. If it is a wreck and traction needs to be held we can do that. It all really depends.

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    Ok well in our post explorers have to be trainined in first aid in case of a problem we can administer medical aid till the proper dept. arrives to aid us.

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    THe Volly Rescue Squad (Ambulance Type Service) that I run with will accept Jr. Members age 16 - 21.
    The state of Va will train & certify you as EMT-B at 16+

    There is some argument/debate as to weather or not an EMT under 18 can be AIC (attendant In Charge) or not. Personaly All I really care about is the little EMT-B letter beside your name - not your birth date.

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    My town has something called MRT (medical response team) they can be trained any time from the age 14 ( with special permission forom on e of your officers) through 100. they can work on the patients, but cant do defib or anything like that. It is very usefull and helpful if you want to be an EMT but cant till you turn 18

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    My department doesn't run medicals, yet. It is in the works though. We'll soon become R1-Supplimental, where we respond if the cops, the R1 agency, can't respond. We may even respond to medic 2 calls when the ambulance corps can't get a crew. You should ask around the different departments near you to see if they have junior programs. It couldn't hurt to ask. You may even want to talk to your local Boy Scout Council to get names of area Explorer Posts. As for fire_2000, in the state of Connecticut you can become an EMT at the age of 16. Good luck in your search for an EMS junior program.

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    my department runs a first responder program and we also have an explorer post. We allow the explorers who have completed the first responder progam to assist us on the scene( setting up oxygen, helping with the stretchers,etc), but we do not allow them to make hands on care to any patient until they are 18. It is too much of a legal liability to the department.

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