I'm selling my personal set of turnout gear. Nothing is wrong with it, it just doesnt fit me anymore. It is black nomex gear. The coat has two pockets, and the pants do not have any pockets. It is in perfect condition. It was never used before me, I was the first person to use it. I have barely used it , due to the sleeves being a little bit to short for me, leaving some skin exposed. It has only been used once, and that was not a fire. It was a car accident, and all I did was take the Hurst tools out of the truck. I am looking to get $650 for both the coat and pants. They are in near mint condition, looks like never used! Shipping is $25.00. I have a pair of Servus Fire boots, and I would perfer to keep them, but if you would like them for $110 you can have them. If the above price is to high, make me an offer. Payment is perferred through PayPal, but if not we can do something else. If you are interested, let me know, and we will work out the details. This was not issued by a department, it is my personal gear, I am purchasing a new set of gear(that fits!) as soon as I have this sold.

Take care/Stay safe,

Joe E. Thomson
AOL IM: FireCadet613
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May our thoughts and prayers forever be with the Worcester 6 and all our brothers and sisters who make the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

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