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    Post What do you prefer.....Fire & Amb in the same engine house or separate?

    The question I have for all of you is...
    Pumper and mabulance in the same engine house or separate? In my town they are combih=ned for now! The only reason they are with the fire apparatus is that their ambulance building got flooded in May and we had room and they have been with us since, but they are getting ready to move out into their new building. Tell me your preference.

    FF. Matt Woodruff
    Pacific Fire Prot. Dist.
    Pacific, Missouri

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    My dept provides both the fire and ems to our community. We have two ambulances and two engines, as well as misc. apparatus at our two main stations, and ALS engines and additional apparatus at our three volunteer response stations.

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    we have one frontline squad with reserves that is allways redey 24\7 along with two frontline engines.

    jacob starcher
    ast.cheif xenia fire
    cadets compeney#29

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    I think it is a good idea to have the trucks and the ambulances in the same station because then the county has more money to spend on apparatus and equipment.

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