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    Talking The Big One

    I juyst recently went to my first working fire. It was a barn and we were there for three hours. Anyone got any stories of there first " Big One"


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    well no big fires but last easter sunday i worked my first big m.v.a a break from all of the b.s calls!!

    jacob starcher


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    Hey, I am a junior on a small vol. dept in massachusetts. I started last june when I turned 14, I have been to 3 structure fires since then. They all happened within about a month of each other. I remember my first one very well and I could talk about it forever, but I'll try to keep it short. It was on a dreary tuesday in November, I was on my way home from school with my brother when I heard a tone for my town's ambulance, it was a mutual aid call to standby on the scene of a structure fire in the town just west of us. I knew i was gonna go so I started getting nervous. Iam lucky to live within a 30 second jog to our fire station, so when I got home I was going to run down and see what trucks went. When I was getting out of my brothers car, a fellow Jr pulled up behind us knowing I would need a ride. SO I jumped in with him and we swung by the fire station to see the tanker had went, so we headed on our way to Ashfield to find that we needed to stop for gas! that was nerve racking standing there at the gas station knowing the longer we took the more we were going to miss. WE finally went on our way (of course i didn't let my friend speed because the roads were slippery) We couldn't see any smoke due to all of the low fog. Going up a hill getting closer to the scene we came upon the taker fill site so we knew we were close. When we went around the next corner we could see all the trucks and personal vehicles parked along the small road lined with woods. We jumped out and ran down the road to the scene not expecting to see any flames because we had found out that Ashfield was first toned out for the fire about an hour and 20 min before we got out of school, and it took us about 25 mins to get to the scene from the school. But when we arrived at the house to see heavy flames shooting out the roof of one of the L's of the house. We immediately started to change air tanks just outside the door of the house. At this point the drizzle turned into a light rain which made things not so great. At this point it was about 3:15. When we werent changing tanks we were either helping with the tanker shuttles or getting things the FFs needed. As it grew darker we started to set up lights, and we realized that the FFs hadnt gained much ground on the fire. This we later found out was due to the strange way the house was renovated. They had built walls on top of walls which created many little chimneys from the basement to the attic. Another problem was that there was no adequate ventilation. Before we got there they called for ventilation, so some FFs knocked out some skylight windows. The problem was that they were on one of the L's of the house so they were only at the height of about the ceiling of the second floor, so all the heat got trapped and slowly burned in the attic. When this was finally noticed, it was too late, the slate roof was beginning to sag badly. They called everyone out of the house and started ventilating the attic by cutting large holes on the side of the house just below the peak of the house. Another major problem was that after some FF's made and interior attack and pushed the fire to the ends of the house, the FF's on the outside of the house would see the flames and attempt to put them out, but when they did that, it pushed the fire back into the main part of the house and the cycle started over. They finally took control of the fire and began overhaul which at this house they said was a BI*** because of the strange insulation . Through the whole thing I learned many things, the way everything came together and different problems that could arise. When everything started to come to an end at about 7:30 it was raining pretty good which made things miserable. The good things about the fire were that we had an adequate water supply, and no FF's were seriously injured.(one was taken to the hospital because of exhaustion) He turned out fine. WELL, I congratulate you for surviving this long story and thank you for reading! One more thing, the reason we didn't know about the fire when we were in school is because we didn't have pagers, our dept. cant afford to buy them for us Jr's, let alone themselves, they still have pagers from the late '80s they are now working on replacing theirs soon.

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    Red face

    My first "big one" was back in October of 2000, when we had a moderate size structure, no real big deal, until the guys on interior attack found a huge arsenal of hundreds of guns, thousands of rounds of ammo, and stuff. We were out for over 24 hours, cause we had to be ready if the bomb squad screwed up and something blew up. though it really wouldnt have mattered, cause if it did, the bomb squad, house, and us would have been blown away. oh well. Definately one to remember

    Andrew Landstrom
    Station 71
    Spotswood Vol. Fire Department
    Spotswood, New Jersey

    You light 'em, We fight 'em

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