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    fireNresq22 Guest

    Question grades

    i am a junior, and our dept. has a policy about grades, i am sure all of yours has one too, i personally don't agree with it, because first of all, if u get a job, u dont get fired because of your grades, and second of all, if your dedicated and always there, than they shouldnt really punish you for schoolwork, let me know what you think, thanks

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    nsfdjr Guest


    I agree, our explorer post has the same set of rules. In our post, the limit is 70 average or no more than 2 fs, I dont have a problem meeting the requirments but some of the exp. do. I personally dont like the policy either, and I see what you mean. Some of the explorers have tried to change the policy, and the advisors have not agreed to it.

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    fyrefyghter10 Guest


    well you should be dedicated to your school work instead of the firehouse in a way is a privelage! so start doing your school work (if your not doing it) and go to the station when your done everything for school

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    Turk II Guest


    Oh good, here comes another useless discussion. The entire point of a Junior/Explorer program is to "LEARN." How can you successfully learn anything on the fire ground or at training if you are having trouble in school ?

    Please remember that your first priority is your education... not how many times you can ride a fire truck before your 18th birthday. Yes, I know it sucks - I started as a Junior when I was 16.

    Explorer Posts, by the way, don't have to much say in this matter - that's the Boy Scout's rule regarding a minimum 2.0 GPA (C average).

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    nsfdjr Guest


    I agree that school is the most important thing in our lives right now. We need a good education. If an explorer cant meet the requirments, I believe they should be spending more time in study groups after school or stuff like that.

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    EMT332 Guest


    I have been an Explorer sice the age of 14 and I strongly disagree with grade policies. The reason we have a post is because our people are interested and motivated about fire fighting. What you do for hobbies shouldn't have to be limited to how you perform in school. For some people school just isn't their thing, but to be at that fire, or standing there working with the fire fighters, they wouldn't trade that moment for anything. Just remember, some of these explorers will be your future fire fighters and don't turn them down.

    Explorer Chief
    First Responder,NREMT-B

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    CCFDE-701 Guest


    I think it is a really good idea to have to have good grades to stay active just b\c i do not think the fire dept. should get in the way of school in any way.

    Tim Krebs

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    Ladder107 Guest


    I think you bring up a very good topic that I am sure concerns a lot of potentially good and successful future firefighters. I have been the advisor of our Exp. Post for 4 years now and we really do not bring school issues into the picture. We only use school "statistics" when it comes to officer selection. We want our officers to be top notch, so we do a check on the candidates grades and MAINLY attendance/behavior records. One blemish on the behavior factor, and they are out of the running. Hope that doesn't sound harsh, but we want our members to represent the very best of society since they represent a very important part of our community and fire dept.

    As a science teacher by profession, I strongly believe that grades shouldn't play a factor in membership at all!!! This is an Exploring program, allowing kids the chance to "explore" their options and like/dislikes surrounding the fire service. Don't knock them for how they perform in "other topics".

    We even had a member of our Post (4 years ago) who admitted to setting a very small (but considered arson) fire at the local park...Our first and only response - pay more attention to that kid and help him through the problem - while it was immediately suggested by others not involved; get rid of 'im!!! He later quit the Post, but never got in that form of trouble again.

    So, sorry for making this a long story, but I think it is a VERY important one...PLEASE never turn down the opportunity to share your knowledge with a kid just because they are not a genius. Thanks for you time!

    Ff K. Johnson, NREMT
    Chilton FD, Chilton, WI
    Post Advisor, Chilton Fire Explorers !!!

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    NJOUTLAW6 Guest

    Red face

    One thing is important over anything in my Post. GRADES!!!! If you can't pull a good grade in school. YOU SUSPENED until your grade is pulled up. While suspended you Can't answer calls or be on firehouse grounds until your off suspension. And if You fail only 1 just 1 you are on suspension. we don't tollerate people who don't do well in schoool

    Thomas Parsons
    Protection Eng #6
    "views that are posted are not to be held against the So.Amboy Fire Dept. they are my personal opinions."

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    Engine69 Guest


    Originally posted by EMT332:
    For some people school just isn't their thing, but to be at that fire, or standing there working with the fire fighters, they wouldn't trade that moment for anything. Just remember, some of these explorers will be your future fire fighters and don't turn them down.

    I don't think anyone was running these people down. But if you plan to be a career firefighter, you will probably need to complete a civil service test to be placed on a hiring list. That being the case, those who do better in school will do better on the civil service test.

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    FiRsqDvr45 Guest


    Our explorers had to maintain a C average or higher. Philosophy being that if you have bad grades then you may be spending to much time at the FD and not enough doing homework/studying.

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    natemarshall Guest


    First of all they belong in the classroom not on the fireground. Secind speaking both as a firefighter and a high school football coach I wouldnt want the science teacher above to teach my kids or anyone elses.

    You should at least have a B average to even apply for an explorer post.

    Second of all, if you suck in school you arent going to be hired by any fire department. Youll hover around 1000 out of 1200 everytime you test.

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    ghettofire79 Guest


    I think us junior firefighters should worry more about school work than we do the firehouse. But for me its kinda hard but i do it. And i also think its wrong if they punish us for our grades in school i dont htink its right especially if we are around a lot.

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    chiefgebel Guest


    i think having a grades policy is good. myself and other explorers must have a passing average. i like the idea but also think you should be able to do more on the fireground with higher grades. with high enough grades you should be able to leave school any time;
    explorer chief

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    chiefgebel Guest


    First of all Turk II do you have anything good to say to or about explorers? If not would you please stop writing on the explorer forums. Secondly, my explorer post only mandates a passing average. I feel that this is a good and fair requirement. I realize that there are some people who just plain struggle in school. In my opinion that is fine as long as you still try. People who do struggle in school, I am on the edge, need a place they enjoy and it is good for them to be around something that they like. Several of the explorers in my post struggle in school, but at the firehouse they want to learn everything they can. People should support them for wanting to learn. Maybe if they start wanting to learn at the station there school grades will also go up which I have found that they have. Another incentive try harder in school might be what you are allowed to do at the house and on the fireground. I am trying to implement a by-law that would allow explorers with an 85 or higher average be able to respond to calls anytime with there parents permission. This would not allow us to miss school, but if there is a house fire at 2:30 AM those with the average could go. Most people with that average make up there work so even if they were tired they would still do there work. Any questions?

    email me

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    Junior Jon Guest

    Thumbs up

    My dept. has no grade requirement. It is not need (and hopefully wont be needed in the future) I STRONGLY agree with what chiefgebel just said about jrs/explorers with very good GPAs should be able to respond to any or at least more calls during the wee hours of the night or during school etc. This will encourage jrs/explorers who do not have a really good GPAs to bring them up, and those that already have a good GPA to keep it up.

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