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    Turk II
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    Post Fire Ground Activity

    Suggestions For Fire Ground Activity,
    Junior/Explorer Fire Fighters

    .Change air bottles
    .Foot ladders
    .Walk out, roll, pack hose
    .Tap a hydrant
    .Run a Hurst pump
    .Traffic control
    .Assist in technical rescue ops.
    .HAZ MAT research (cold zone only)
    .Assist in rehab
    .Bring equipment to staging area
    .Obtain vehicle info. at MVAs
    .Cover fluids with Speedi-Dri
    .Assist in Tanker Shuttles
    .Inspect power tools before use
    .Change broken/burst hose lines
    .Watch and learn

    Just a quick reminder to the anti-Explorers, anti-Juniors in the fire service. Juniors & Explorers definetely have their place in the fire service.

    - Turk

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    Thumbs up

    Well Turk we do-

    Changed Bottles
    Foot Ladders
    Go in After Scene is deemed Safe
    Respond on the Truck
    Can be on a hose line just out of Dangers way
    and I am not sure what eles
    I'll let ya know

    Thomas Parsons
    Protection Eng #6
    "views that are posted are not to be held against the So.Amboy Fire Dept. they are my personal opinions."

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    They have their place..
    On the drillground or in the classroom while under supervision not on the fireground.

    My opinion alone

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