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    Question Starting an EMS Explorer Post

    My name is Joe Merry. I am new to this forum and to be honest, I am new to EMS Exploring. I am interested in starting a Post through the company I work for (AMR Ambulance). I am curious if anyone can give me some insight as to the best approach to starting a Post, Presenting it to upper management, and if possible, funding.

    Any and all help regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Joseph R. Merry Jr.
    AMR Communications

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    Hello Joe, and welcome to the Firehouse Forums! If you are starting from the groud up, I would suggest you contact the local Boy Scouts of America offices and explain what you want to do. Better yet, if someone from the EMS service you are with is interested in becoming an "Advisor" for your post, get him/her involved in making this contact as well. I am sure that the Boy Scouts will have all the information you will need to help establish a post.

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    Joe, try www.unionems.com they have an explorer post and they can tell you the basics. Good Luck

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    Hello Joe,

    I work for Citrus county Florida and we just recently started an Explorer post(1 year ago). Contact the local Boy Scouts. They have all the forms and information you are going to need. Also helps if you have a couple of advisors to start the Post. You can email me if you any other questions intenseaa@aol.com. Hope this helps.

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