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    Cool explorers with first aid & cpr training

    I was wondering if any post require explorers to have cpr or first aid training.if so how in depth.

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    I'm a junior member of my department, not an explorer, but we require Heartsaver CPR before you are allowed to ride, and EMT-B before you can take FFI/II class.

    Even if your dept is fire-only, no EMS service, it's still a good idea for everyone to have CPR training (at minimum) because you never know what you'll run into on a call.

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    Well Explorers in the Post i belong to all go have to take First Responder so thats our First Aid right there..

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    Explorers in my post are required to have CPR training and i think blood-borne pathogens class. but we cant ride on ambulance so i dont know why.

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    Our fire explorers are allowed to attend all fire and EMS trainings that we have including the annual CPR classes. Personally I think that all members of public safety orginization should have basic first aid and CPR skills. Imagine the positive image that would come out of a teenager getting down on the pavement and doing correct and effective CPR prior to EMS arrival. I think a teenager taking the responsibility to learn life saving skills would impress the public and it is a source of pride saying your group is 100% CPR certified, etc..

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    my explorer post does not say it is mandatory, but we encourage at least basic first aid and cpr. i am certified in both,

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    Myself and the other two cadets in our dept are all Alaska State certified Emergency Trauma Technicians.

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    I hope you guys don't mind, but I saw the topic and read it, and being I'm at work and going through a blizzard right now, I figured I'd throw in a post. First I wanted to answer Rob Emerson post. The reason why you have to take CPR/bloodborne pathogens has nothing to do with the fact that you can or can't ride the ambulance. What if someone in your family, the station, at school or in public goes down. If they are in arrest you can help them. Secondly, if you ride on the apparatus, or help out around the station, you need bloodborne pathogens cause OSHA says you do. Extrication equip., even fire equipment gets contaminated at accident, fires, rescue, and EMS calls. If the ambulance is in your station, the equipment laying around could be. Don't put blinders on so early in your learning stages of the fire service. You shouldn't do or not do something because you can or can't ride, or take part. Do it for yourself, and what you are there for...THE COMMUNITY!! Its better to have and not need, then need and not have. Remember I told you that. You'll see it in the fire service a million times.

    Finally, I want to say that I think all junior firefighters/explorers should have at leat CPR, and bloodborne pathogens. The more people that can do CPR the better. Bloodborne pathogens will inform you so you can protect yourself when you help out on scene if you ride or around the station. Fire/EMS is a great career, prepare yourself now if you want to do it in the future. Also, if you do CPR, try to get your dept or a sponser to buy you CPR shields that go on key rings. I always carry one, just in case. I just wouldn't feel right if someone in public went down and I just stood there. But always protect yourself and never without a shield.
    The above is my opinion only, it does not reflect that of any dept./agency I work for, am a member of, or deal with.

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    Well, it's a good idea to have it. everyone SHOULD have it really. In my post, it is mandatory if you want to ride. First aid for the engine and CPR for the squad.

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    Well in my Post (I am an Advisor) we are currently holding a CPR Class. Next week we are starting an MRT (First Responder) Class. Our Post runs a Bike Patrol that is the first responders on all EMS calls in any area we are on duty in. This has included special events like parades and Fireworks and also routine patrols of parks and beaches.

    We decided to hold these classes because the Explorers asked for them, and also to better equip us as responders. Two of our Past Presidents have gone on the become EMT's.

    We are currently working on a proposal to make Explorers First Responders in the local High Schools, but there is much work to be done before we can procede with that plan.

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    Because I am from Pa, we really don't have Explorer Post etc. We do have Junior programs. In my company, we aren't required to have anything as a Jr. But, I am all out a firefighter, so I have Essentials of Firefighting and Haz-mat and am currently in school to be an EMT. I think everybody should have some form of EMS training. In some cases, it's not to save the Pt, but to save each other as firefighters. I am only 16 and have to many trainings to list. So, trainings are key I think!

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    In my department it is an option if you want to take CPR training or not. I took the class and got my CPR/AED certification.

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    Its not a requirement but as mentioned before its a good thing to have because you never know. Myself and most of the Jr's took Heartsaver CPR and Bloodborne Pathogens when our department had that training.

    Can't be EMT in SC until 18 years old

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