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    Question Role of Explorers with Fire Dept.

    I have been fighting a little issue with our dept. leaders recently. Well, not a fight, but a difference of opinion. I have been the advisor of our Post for four years and we run a great program.

    Here is the debate. Once in awhile the dept. likes to run drills that vary from mock house fires to chem. spills, etc. They always want to call upon the Explorers to use them are victims. Then my job is to line up the Explorers to be on time, volunteer to get hauled out of a house, etc. They hate it to say the least. Then if I can't get any of our 18 members to volunteer to be "victimized", the dept. gets a little ****y. I don't know how I should handle this, but I know I will not side with the dept. on this. Explorering is made to allow for just that, not to be a dept. set of rag dolls to use when they feel like it. No learning for the Explorers when that happens. How do I change the mentality of the dept.???? I think they've lost the scope of what their Explorers roles are. Let me know what you think!!! Do you have these issues too?


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    We are here to learn!! not to be victims, our officers are pretty good about letting us participate in the rescue drills rather than being victims

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    We do not really have this kind of problem here in my department. The training officer almost always finds a way to integrate the explorers into the training so that they can get as much out of it as the firefighters. For example, we recently did a Live Burn training. Explorers were manning hose lines, doing ventilation, and so on. The only way I would think to get this to end would be to speak with the training officer or Chief and let them know that you do not think the explorers are being given the chance to learn when all they are being utilized for is dummies. Not sure if it will help, but I guess it's worth a shot.

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    Currently our Explorer post has been suspended due to no new members and we are currently working on changing to a Junior Firfighters program. However in the past the Explorers after meeting certain requirements( our explorers are allowed to attend ALL department fire and EMS trainings and are incorporated somehow so they can participate and learn) could ride out on calls if the unit or units had spare seats open. They were trained to hook up hydrants, sprinkler and standpipe inlets, set up the deck gun( not flow it), begin setting up a rehab/manpower pool/ tool crib area, and change air bottles. Our guys and ladies did a hell of a job and would also be runners in the cold zone for command post functions and do some gophering (distibuting tools, and spare radio batteries at long incidents).We kept right close with the BSA standards as far as what they could do (did anyone else notice the BSA says they can't be in smoke but like two lines down it says they can fight grass fires, how do you do one without the other ).

    I think some things about an explorers role in the FD that needs to be remembered is that the young men and women are not there to:
    *Wash your car
    *do your dishes
    *take the place of an adult trained FF on a truck
    *make up for manpower problems

    More importantly I think is our role as Firefighters to the Explorers:
    Give these young people education, watch them use it, evaluate and refresh them, and above all be a role model for them to follow so in the years to come they can slide into the service and be an asset. God knows that society has plans for our young people that aren't right and this is one way we can be a positive change.

    *OUCH* I fell off my soapbox....next person..

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    Well our role is we free up everybody who can fight the fire we change packs, we get equiment, and we handle duties that would usally take up a Firefighter.``

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    Your best bet will be to try and meet with the officers and discuss your problem with them, I know that officers can be stubborn. Tell them that you will not have them come to any trainings with the department if they are continued to be used as the dummies. Tell them that you want them to be able to participate with in their abilities to participate.

    Not having them at the trainings anymore will cause them to think about the situations since they will then have to use other firefighters as dummies.

    If your officers won't change then at the next meeting bring up the subject to the whole department I am sure there will be others that feel the same way and back you.

    Just a reminder for everyone Explorers are not your SLAVES!!!!!!!!

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    In our post we are like one of the team to most of the firefighters. And when he fire dept. has drills we are part of it. we get to do every thing that the others can do as long as the real fire chief says that it is safe for us to enter the drill.

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