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    Post Starting an Explorer Post

    The department I am with is considering starting an Explorer post. I have been a part of the Boy Scouts of America, so I am familiar with the BSA. How often do you meet? What kind of activities are done at meetings? Thanks in advance for any information.


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    Well we meet once a month, at our meetings we talk about what drills we can run to better get our guys in tune, and how we can run the Post better and more efficent..
    I was a BSA member i'll be EAGLE SCOUT in another 2 months

    Thomas Parsons
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    For any of you who are nearing your Eagle, don't dispair! Go for it! It's one of the best things you can do in your life! Remember...

    85 percent of FBI agents are Eagle Scouts.
    Most of the Joint Chiefs are Eagle Scouts.
    Job applications ask if you were an Eagle Scout. They don't ask for your batting average in high school.

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    I am the new Committee Chairman of a Post which is going through a "rebuilding phase". We are basically starting over as if we were initiating a new Post. It is ALOT of work to do it right (legally and ethically). The Post Committee has been meeting weekly to hammer out all the details.

    We have started meeting twice a month. We have told the kids that if they show initiative and enthusiasm we can meet more often if they want. For now the Post Committee is making all the decisions, so there isn't a need for a "business meeting", but we just make the necessary announcements for the Explorers.

    Our current format, is that the first meeting of the month is a 1 hr. lecture/intro to a BASIC fire service topic, then 1 hr. of slow paced practical evolutions. The second meeting each month is all practical. Each month is a new topic, and every 3rd month or so we do a "combined operations" training to tie several topics together and show, for example, how ladders and hose really do relate to each other. I have several months worth of training syllabi on disk, email me if you want copies.

    The most important thing in starting a new Post is to get together with the Council Exploring Exec. and get the low down on all the legal issues... BSA, the State Labor Dept, OSHA, and everyone else you can think of has plenty of regulations, for obvious safety reasons as well as how you handle your money etc.

    All I can say is do plenty of research before you make any final decisions on any topics or policies. Our council has already indicated (but not come out and said) that they won't back us if we get into legal trouble.

    If you have specific questions, feel free to email me, we have probably already crossed the bridge you are looking at... post633@yahoo.com Hope this is helpful!

    Eagle Scout, 11/20/91
    Wow! Has it really been 10 yrs. already?!?!

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    Our post meets once a week, every Sunday, from 14:00-16:00. We base our trainings on the IFSTA FireFighter I/II course manual. Explorers who have completed all mandatory training and their 6 month probationary period are issued pagers and allowed to respond to calls with the Fire Dept. Explorers may respond to all calls with the exception of HazMat and Mutual Aid to another municipality. Explorers may perform every function as that of a firefighter with the exception of fighting and interior offensive attack. Any other questions, feel free to e-mail me at fireguynick@aol.com.

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    I am a Advisor for our post and we meet once a week. Our meetings consist of general firefighting training ( IFSTA stuff ). We train in search and rescue, extrication, fire fighting, apparatus and equipment, etc. Our explorers know how to run the radios and can do so during runs when manpower is short. If I were to give advise on starting a post I'd say to make sure you make it interesting for all involved. Good luck!

    "Stay Safe, Stay Low and lets Rock-n-Roll"

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    Congrats to everyone on the Eagle Scout award! I too am one (Class of 1984). I would like you to know that we have a detailed web site on the net now where we list our guidelines/rules, etc. This may help many of you newer posts get through some debates on what process you are going to use in initiating a good, working post. Feel free to use them and let us know what you think! We love honest feedback!

    Ff K. Johnson, NREMT
    Chilton FD, Chilton, WI
    Post Advisor, Chilton Fire Explorers www.geocities.com/cfdexplorers !!!

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