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    Question severe weather how does your dept handle?

    Hi Guys,
    Since we are approaching spring, and severe weather season is right around the corner. I was wondering does your dept make Jrs/explorers attend National Weather Service SKYWARN storm spotting classes. Also when watches and or warnings are issued are they dispatched over the air, and do you man your stations?.

    Let me know what you guys do!.

    Truxton Vol. Fire Dept

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    We dont go to any National weather service classes but we are trained for natural disaster response. If a twister moves through the city we will be paged an assignment to do. Mostly triage and first aid but we are trained in rescue. about two weeks ago the tornado sirens went off in my city and everyone was put in a stand by mode. It turns out the tornado spotted didnt fit the criteria for a tornado, but it did the same damage as a twister.

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    Myself, as well as a couple of the other amateur radio operators who are on the Explorer Post are Skywarn spotters. If the county deems it necessary, it will tone out the Fire Dept.'s for weather watches also. What this basically means is to get all of the trucks out of the bays so if a tornado does hit, it won't destroy all of your trucks. It is also a great supplement to the Skywarn spotters who are already on the road.

    Nick Funk "Bubba"
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    Swartz Creek Area Fire Dept.
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    Well, here in CT, we aren't exactly in Tornado Alley; the last tornado near here was 2 years ago. Granted, it was only an F1 and the only damage was trees, it was still only a mile from my house.
    If a severe storm is approaching, we usually find out about it via TV, weather radio, or we hear the thunder coming if it REALLY bad. Several of us usually go to the firehouse and stand by for whatever happens, usually lightning strikes, wires down, transformer explosions, roads blocked, MVAs, etc.
    In the winter, if a heavy snow is forcast, we will put the chains our engine that doesn't have On-Spots.

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    Our dept. does not mandate the skywarn training. As an amature radio operator I have taken the SKYWARN training. We are fortunate to have almost 1/2 of our post trained in weather spotting. We get toned over our pagers for a tornado watch or warning and then we goto the station and standby.

    John-post 41 Chief

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    usually the chief or one of the chiefs will call the police desk and have them tone us for a standby. so we just sit there and watch tv etc and if the pager goes off we go. snow and whatnot we'll throw a shovel with the hydrant tools..etc. dosnt beat that snow storm that was suposed to slaughter NYC last week that turned out to be nothing..we went food shopping..etc

    Chris Kerrigan
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