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    FiremanFanatic Guest

    Post age

    How old do you have 2 be to become a jr firefighter?Some1 please email me a/s/a/p

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    JoExpl4111 Guest


    It depends on were you are over here you have to be 14 & completed the 8th grade


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    engine1321 Guest


    Joe is right. Members should be 14 and have completed the 8th grade, that's the BSA regulation.

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    NFDLT55 Guest

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    In our town, they do not have an explorer post but rather a Cadet program which mandats the age of 16 to join. It all depends on what type of Junior program your department runs. It can varry from 14-17. Good Luck!

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    pfr172 Guest


    You have to be 16 at our explorer post.

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    fireb192 Guest


    16 or 15 if parent is on the dept. :

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    cfr3504 Guest


    we don't have an explorer program in my area, but most departments including mine have a jr. firefigher program that requires age of 16.

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    firefighter41230 Guest


    On my dept. juniors must be 13 to join. Thats so that they can learn the ropes. To go on calls 15.


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