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    Question Can you ride the trucks as a junior?

    In my town we can respond to calls in the truck and we can be on the fireground. What about every1 else?


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    In my dept we can ride the apparatus if your in the firehouse at time of call.

    Truxton Vol. Fire Dept

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    We can ride any apparatus toned out at our station that we are assigned to.

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    We can jump on the rigs if we are at the hall before they are gone, otherwise, we go directly to the scene.

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    Explorers in my Dept. are required to finish a 6 month probationary period before they are issued a pager and allowed to respond to calls. Once their probation is finished, they may respond to any type of call except HazMat and Mutual-Aid to another municipality.

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    In my department juniors are allowed to ride first out if there is enough room on the truck, or if ur on it and another regular guy shows up. Unless your stuck on radio duty, our juniors can make 2nd truck out of our main firehouse usually always. And since that actually is 3rd truck out, usually its just engineer and juniors, so a few times I'm actually officer on the third out, its rare, but a lot of fun getting to work the siren and horn

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    Opposite to all your responses so far, the explorers in my dept are not allowed to calls, unless they ride in the chiefs car, or a structure fire, and in that case, private vehicle only and NO lights/sirens. We are currently looking into some sort of observation program, where we can ride along, etc.


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    In my department they allow us to roll and respond with them the only thing we really can't do is interior stuff

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    In my dept. jr. members can ride the trucks. They must complete Firefighter I for Jrs..
    They must attend company training and learn every thing on the trucks. There duties are dropping supply lines changing air bottles and assist the driver/pump operator on the fire grounds.

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    in my department your allowed to ride out to any call after learning the inventory of the hole station and a couple of test's because we get to get hand on training in the actual emergency.

    Abisai Garcia "OBI"
    Los Angeles Fire Department

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    We can ride the truck if there is a empty seat

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    Juniors in our department can ride the ambulance, but not the fire trucks. Our fire trucks are all 2 man commercial chassis, so we need need to have firefighters riding them. Our juniors also are not allowed to go on EMS calls involving violence, or OB/GYN calls, except female juniors that are EMT certified. But our juniors are encouraged to attend all other calls, and trainings.

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    Yes we can ride the engine as well as be on the fire ground.. We change bottles and help others with anything they need.

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    I believe you are in my Bolt Club, "Future Firefighters." It must be a small world. Wow. Also to Jay19Fire, sorry about my off topic post.
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    As NJOUTLAW said (I'm on the same post) we are allowed to respond to the scene & also to the firehouse if we dont make the truck...we go to the scene if its anything worth traveling for...

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    In my department, We are on the truck about 90% of the time.... This is due to the fact that we have two full-time duty crews per shift and they roll first truck... So most usually myself or another cadet is third or fourth man depending on how many people are at the house when the call tones out...I'm also THE senior cadet because I've been there longer than anyone else.... So on calls like structure fires, or MVA's, I am usually temp. captain on the 2nd or 3rd out truck....That all really depends on whose driving, but most usually I'm up there..... YOU CANNOT DISS RIDING OFFICER!!!! PLAYING WITH THE Q2 and HORNS AS YOU GO SCREAMING DOWN THE STREET IS KICK ***!!! I also operate the radio so that the driver can concentrate on getting us there as quickly and as safely as possible so its a lot of responsibility..... I am trusted by most though because they know, while I still may be a 16 year old and one who loves to goof off, when the tones go off....ALL THAT CRAP STOPS AND ITS NOTHING BUT PURE SERIOUSNESS.....THATS BECAUSE I KNOW IM NOT JUST LOOKING OUT FOR MYSELF, BUT EVERYONE ELSE ON THAT TRUCK TOO.... STAY SAFE AND HAVE FUN!!!! AND DO THE JOB YOU LOVE THE WAY YOU LOVE TO DO IT......

    Cadet Adam Spencer
    Nixa Fire District
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    i am from a recently formed post on long island.. and the current policy is that we are only allowed too ride the rigs for drills and other non-alarm related activity. pagers were recently handed out which now gives us the ability too respond too ALL alarms. only catch is members under the age of 15 are not allowed out on runs past 12am.

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