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    Question Training For JR FF??

    I am a new member of my local fire company. I am 16 years old. My dad is currently captain and business president and has held every line position except chief. I was wondering what is some good training topics for new juniors and what kind of stuff could I learn on my own. The only training I have received so far is on a drill where I wasn't really told anything I just learned as I went along and on the few calls I have went on. Any feedback would be appriciated.

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    The best place to start would be from your dad. I pretty much learned as I went.

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    Yes definately start with your dad. That is what i did...also you should become very familiar with all of you apparatus and the equipment on them so that in a situation you know where to get this and that. Also train on the hose/nozzle, learn to connect hoses and hydrants, learn to put on your fire gear, and one last suggestion learn to don an SCBA for practice. If you do these things you will be in good shape! Contact me if you have more questions! Jay19fire@aol.com


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    I also recently just joined as a memeber at my local firehouse to. I just turned 16 too. I was in the JR FF program for a little over 2 or so years. We did many different trainnings. I dont know what items you have to do trainning with, but we had a smoke tower and a mase at the firehouse and we were able to do small trainnings using them. If you want more information, start reading some of the FF1 text books.. Theres alot of good information floating around each firehouse! Just ask your dad or any firefighter, im sure they would have some good ideas! Hope this helps..Good Luck

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    Well to start you could try purchasing a book that they use at fire school or some other book that teaches you the basics about fire fighting. That is how I got started. The other thing that has been suggested already is go thru the trucks, you can new check each compartment enough times! Good luck!

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    Being the son of the Assistant Chief, I've learned a lot from him. Ever since I was really little I went to calls with him and picked it up that way, just as I'm sure you did. You'll probably want to learn about donning fire gear, where the equipment is on the truck and what it's used for, radio equipment, how to take a hydrant, how to connect, stretch and pack hose, and how to change an SCBA. Something I found very helpful is that one week of school vacation I was bored at home and started reading the Essentials of Fire Fighting IV book. It was interesting and educational. The best thing to do is talk to your dad and other fire fighters. Good luck.

    Anthony D. Ruggiero
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    Anyone know where I could get a hold of some instructional books on firefighting and/or first aid. Thanks for all the info and keep up the posts!

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