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    Cool Ride Alongs/Tours of Duty wity Other Departments???

    I was just wondering if anyone else has done a ride along or served on a tour of duty with any other fire department around them??? I recently applied to serve a tour of duty with the another Missouri Fire Department after I learned they have a cadet program and you can serve a tour of duty with them at sixteen with parental consent and liability release.... I found this very interesting because I've considered working for Branson after I get my Degrees in Fire Service and Paramedicine...... I just wanted to see what Everyone else has done or would like to try to do....... Later

    And remember.......It's a LIVING, BREATHING ANIMAL.........and to IT......your nothing but FOOD!!!!!!!! Stay safe.......the Red Dragon Lurks upon you..........

    Cadet Adam Spencer
    Nixa Fire District
    Nixa, MO 65714

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    I have, I've spoken with a person from that FD, Told them whenI was going to ride and for how long, They'll usually tell me what station and who to ask for, Once at the station if your under 18 you and a parent must sign a release form if over 18 then only you, Some FD's will let you help them some all they want you to do is observe

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