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    I was just wondering what all of you did for traing when you first stared in your post. did you get certified as a first responder or its equivalent, anything to do with vehicle fires, and any other thing that you did. -Any thing would be good for this.

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    Well, when I started in 1998, we did basic training like equipment familiarization and how to change air bottles. If you're lucky, you can find a volunteer dept. that is doing a volunteer course and ask if you can sit in, take notes, and participate in the activities that they are doing. Hope this can help!

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    Well, my post trainings are based on the IFSTA FF I/II Training manual. I train them using both lecture and practical sessions. We also train on truck equipment and familiarization with all apparatus. My explorers are also allowed to attend all fire department training sessions and are allowed to do everything that the firefighters do during training. Any further questions, feel free to contact me by e-mail. My address is fireguynick@aol.com.

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