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    Question Oklahoma City Bombing Info

    I am doing a report-type paper on the Oklahoma City Bombing. I had a post a week or so ago asking for ideas.

    I have to write a fictional story on the Oklahoma City Bombing and am going to focus the story on Fire, EMS, and Police operations during the incident.

    If anybody knows of good links or any other info on this topic, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    I'd start off by checking out this site from the Oklahoma City Fire Department, and maybe contacting them for more information. The site contains good information, including pictures, audio, and lists of agencies that assisted during the operation. I'd also reference back issues of magazines like Newsweek, and check microfilm records of Oklahoma newspapers, the New York Times, and other national papers.

    Peace, and stay safe.

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    Try contacting:


    Okay I know its knot that funny but its the first thing that came to my mind

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    Try also the FEMA Fire Administration website they may have some information in publication form that you could get mailed to you for free at your department. And don't mind AFF-Rescue, he hasn't posted anything except things about his lights and sirens so and stupid "free money" posts to try and bait people into his childish games.

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    If you can find a book titled "The fire inside" it has a chapter written by an OCFD firefighter (actually a captain I think)about the incident. Also I've found a few books written about EMS Paramedics that have some eyewitness accounts by paramed's.

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    Thanks guys, these suggestions have helped a lot, keep them coming!!

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