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    Engine 101
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    Question Does your post have your own rig?

    How many of you who belong to an FD Explorer Post actaully have your own rig? , An actual working Engine that belongs to the Explorers?
    Is it a fully stocked unit?
    My post does not, But both LA County and LA City Fire Explorers have there own rigs,

    Tim Macias
    I will fight fire for Electricity

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    My post doesn't does not and probably will never have one. I personally don't see a reason for an explorer rig?

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    Maybe a van would be nice.

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    What would the explorers need a rig for? It's not like they can respond to a fire and make a fast attack.

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    Engine 101
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    Originally posted by pfr172:
    What would the explorers need a rig for? It's not like they can respond to a fire and make a fast attack.

    Don't ask me why don't you ask the LA County Fire Dept

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    cause they got the money

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    Engine 101
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    And County has vehicles that are reserves to the reserves, Well it's not like the County Explorers got a new Engine it an old 76 Ward LaFrance like Engine 51 from Emergency!, It's fully stocked has it's own Monitor, The County's call firefighters don't even have monitors on there engines

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    I'd say have a van or old ambulance to ride or utility vehicle but to have an ACTUAL Engine is a little overboard in my opinion...cause isnt the point of being on An engine to learn HOW to use tools on THAT specific Engine or ladder? I mean if we got a van or something to transport us we'll report to THAT one engine...now if we had our own engine? what would we do? and wouldnt it just get in the way..?? I duno I just dont think theres any purpose of it..

    South Amboy, New Jersey
    Explorer Engine 6 So. Amboy Fire Dept & Cadet Morgan FAS

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    Brian Dunlap
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    Thumbs down

    Why would an Explorer Post need it's Own Vehicle ? Especially one with equipment ?

    Here's Why I ask:

    1.} Who is going to Operate it ? Most States and Fire Companies do not permit drivers under the age of 21 --

    2.} The Fire Companies that have Jr. or Explorer Posts already have Fire Trucks, Engines,and Support Vehicles so Why have an Explorer Vehicle -- Van, Engine or otherwise ?

    3.} Who would the Insurance Fall Under ? Where am I going with this One ? Yep..Van Full of Jr.'s going "Hell-Bent-for-Election" to a call Lights/Siren and BOOM ! Accident ! Who pays for that ?

    *** I'm only saying Jr's and Explorer Organizations with in a Fire Company or EMS Unit DO NOT NEED A VEHICLE OF THIER OWN ! It is a liability concern and really no need for it what so ever --- As far as LA City and LA County -- Somebody already said it ---"Because they have Money"

    "S.F.C. Home of the New Jersey State Fire Firemen's Association Convention Champions 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, and 2000

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