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    Question Hahn Apparatus

    My Dept has 2 of these, one's a 1972 (which was just decommisioned) the other a 1980, I was wondering if your department has any, or if you know if Hahn has a website, or still in business. Or something, anything. Thanks.

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    Don't think Hahn has a website any longer but when we need service or parts for our 1986 Hahn 1500/350/75'rma we contact a company called East Penn Fire Apparatus which is near Reading Pennsylvania I believe.
    I think East Penn is the only company that works on them any more as they bought the rights to Hahn or something similar. If you need I can get the address and phone number from my chief and email it to you this week sometime.

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    Bob Snyder Guest


    Hahn was a small independent apparatus manufacturer in Hamburg, PA (near Reading, PA), which went out of business about 15 years ago (might be 10 years, but it was a while ago, as I remember). You don't see that many around anymore, and I don't know if there's any "fan club" or anything like that.

    That's about all I know.

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    Wally57fire Guest


    Hahn, its a damn shame they went out of bussiness. We are curently on our second hahn a 1973 1000 gallon pumper, it replaced a 1971 hahn 1000 gallon pumper i belive that had a ford chassis.

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    Xstingwsh Guest


    As someone else mentioned, Hahn was building thier rigs in Hamburg, PA. Being about 30 min. from there, a lot of companys in this area (Berks County, PA) have them. My department has one of the last Hahn's built (1988)...from what I can gather, they went out of business in 1989, or early 1990.

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    East Penn Fire and Emergency Is Located about 7 miles from where i live, it's located in Pottsville Pa, about 1/2 -3/4 of an hour north of reading on route 61, and my dept. a 1980 hahn 1000 GPM.
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    SFDAJL I am so glad you posted this topic because I'm a big fan of Hahn apparatus and there a a lot of them in Jersey. I believe Hahn stopped producing fire engines in 1990. I don't think Hahn ever had a website. BUT, I have found a page from the Harrison Hills Fire Company where they list Hahn apparatus on the East Coast and links to their sites; it's nicknamed "THE HAHN HALL OF FAME". The link is the following:

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    Hello! The one company that I belong with ran a Hahn engine up until 1995 (not sure the year of it). Then our neighboring company, still runs a 1972 Hahn tanker. They just recently bought a replacement, but they are still going to be keeping it in service. Actually we are going to be running it for them from our station, until they can get a new station built to house it. : )
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    We have a 1984 Hahn that has a 50 kW PTO Generator - 3 Stage Air Compressor (with 8-6000psi storage bottles)

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