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    Just Recently Ive heard some very scary things! I was talking to a firefighter I know in Mass. the other day and he was tellin me about a fire the previous day. It was just a normal fire, doin the "Procedures", until they were opening up a part of the ceiling to knock down the fire, only to find some live pipe bombs! Wow, talk about a scary situation. The companies working on this alarm decided to evacuate the building and move to exterior operations, which I believe was a smart decision. Another close call I've heard was just the other day. The city fire dept. close to me, was fighting an apartment fire when three firefighters became trapped when a parachute hanging from the ceiling in one of the rooms feel on them intangling them. Luckily, a call for help went out and the rescue freed them using knifes. The three were hospitalized for a short time and released, and doing much better. What are some "Close Calls" You have heard or been told about??????

    -Stay Safe

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    routine fire...back in the early 90's crews on the 2nd floor doing overhaul knocking down hotspots..some minor pockets of fire in the ceiling & walls still....fires mainly out...crew finally gets the fire under control...start heading out into the front yard bringing out hose....and BOOOOOOOOMMMM down comes the roof onto the 2nd floor.....how scary is that...they werent even like 30 seconds out of hte building and hte thing just collapsed..

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    Explorer Engine 6 So. Amboy Fire Dept & Cadet Morgan FAS

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