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    Question fire dept. patches

    Just wandering if anyone was interested in trading dept. patches?


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    I'll trade a patch with ya. We have a pretty kool what that was made just for our 75th anniversary last year, and I have a couple I can trade. Get with me by e-mail @

    Nick Funk "Bubba"
    Explorer Captain
    Swartz Creek Area Fire Dept.
    Post 41

    "You go, We go."

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    hey I will trade with you E-Mail me at PFPD2795@aol.com

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    ill trade, and if any one else wants to just e-mail me at firepuck17@hotmail.com

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    I'll be more than happy to trade with you seeing as how I collect patches... I can get you shirts also..... Just e-mail me with the cities you would like from the list below.... I live close to all of these cities and can get them......

    My e-mail is NFD270@hotmail.com

    St. Louis, MO (as well as surrounding towns)

    Kansas City, MO St. Charles, MO
    St. Joseph, MO Springfield, MO
    NIXA, MO (MY DEPT.) Branson, MO
    Joplin, MO Neosho, MO
    Jeff City, MO Columbia, MO

    Also: Hammons' LifeLine (Springfield, MO)
    Cox Air Care (Springfield, MO)
    University LifeLine (Columbia, MO)

    Tulsa, OK Fayetteville, AR
    Memphis, TN Nashville, TN
    Greenwood, MS Mobile, AL
    Jacksonville, FL Orlando, FL
    San Marco Island, FL San Francisco, CA
    San Diego, CA

    As well as various military fire companies.

    If you do not trade a shirt or a patch with
    me, I will also sell a shirt or patch to
    you. Prices range from $2-$10 dollars for
    a patch and $17-$25 dollars for a shirt
    including the cost of shipping. My prices
    are not set to make a profit, they are set
    to pay for the cost of the shirt plus S&H.

    (My prices also make it available for you
    to request second day air or priority mail
    shipping if you so wish....ALSO note that
    shipping costs go down with the number of
    shirts/patches that you buy.)

    Like I said my e-mail is NFD270@hotmail.com

    I also trade on the honor system...It's my
    belief that if you can't trust a brother
    firefighter.... You can't trust anyone.

    If you order from me, Your order will be
    sent out ASAP or in other words as soon as
    I am able to get everything you are asking
    for. I also wait for order to be paid
    before I will ship it out and will usually
    mail on the same day I receive your check
    and it clears. To mail receive an order
    or make a trade, e-mail the following:

    Home Address
    Home Phone Number
    e-mail Address
    First and last name
    Shirt sizes
    anything else you feel important for me to

    Thanks and have a nice day!

    Cadet Adam Spencer
    Nixa Fire District
    Nixa, MO 65714

    [This message has been edited by NFD270 (edited 05-24-2001).]

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    I have a couple patches to trade just contact me by email at hambone8318@gateway.net

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    ill trade email me at fireb92@hotmail.com

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    hey i wanan trade patches!i can get u patches from my dept. as well as surroounding depts.no $ tho just a even trade. e-mail me at: RCFEChick@aol.com.


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    I can get patches to trade from my FD, anyone interested email me at mgrwburns@macconnect.com

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    Althea Forhan
    Firehouse.com Guest


    Heck, I'll trade. E-mail me.


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